Fantasy HD Review

Fantasy HD

Fantasy HD likely gets its name from the way that the scenes are produced: you've seen standard porn, but this takes the concept of hot girls roleplaying to a whole new level. The scenes aren't standard and they come up with new and interesting ideas each and every week. Anyway, I'm going to log in and see what the actual clips are like, so if you want to know more about and whether or not it's a place to visit if you love hardcore porn, keep reading and I'll tell you.

These girls are perfect. That's the first thing I thought when I looked through the archive of the 150 scenes made available to members. Fantasy HD launched in 2013 and it provides one new clip on a weekly basis: it's not the best rate, but when you see such beautiful nubile models having incredible fantasy sex, you have no choice but to just accept it. Download in 1080p HD or stream at 720p - the choice is yours and man, I think I've said all I need to. Fantasy HD is the place where all of your porn video dreams will come true. These girls are absolutely incredible.

Review Pros

  • Zipped photo sets
  • HD videos
  • Great porn

Review Cons

  • Limited trial
  • Only updates weekly