Eros Blog Review

Eros Blog

Eros Blog started way back in 2002 - it's been kicking around for over a dozen years and well, there's a reason why it still exists today. The site is operated by a guy called Bacchus and he's pretty interested in sex, porn and the rest of it. The guy isn't just sharing lots of porn, either: this is a deeper look at sex and the adult industry, with quite a large focus on history, science, art and a look at how sex has changed over the years. In fact, I think describing this as merely a 'porn blog' does the work that Bacchus has done a great disservice. You're likely not going to get something to jerk to directly here, but he does link out to a few different places and seems to have a thing for fetish, BDSM and that type of action.

It doesn't seem as if Eros Blog actually tags content, which can be a little bit of a pain to navigate through all of his musings - especially when you see that he updates multiple times on a weekly basis. The site can definitely be considered dated by is aesthetic appeal, too: it's 2016 and that design has just got to go! Nonetheless, for musings on sex, nudity and whatever else this guy wants to talk about, check out today.

Review Pros

  • Interesting site
  • Lots of posts
  • Established blog

Review Cons

  • No categories
  • Dated design