Dream Amateurs Review

Dream Amateurs

Amateurs are incredible and I know that plenty of people that come on over to Mr. Porn Geek just want to get their hands on some of the finest first-time girls around that love to get nude and rude in front of the camera. For that reason, your boy has gone ahead and found a place that you'll absolutely love - it's called Dream Amateurs and well, let's just say that this place certainly is something of a dream for everyone to enjoy. I highly recommend when you visit, you press 'hosted videos' before anything else - this keeps you away from the advert heavy part of the site.

Once there, you'll find a bunch of scenes that are hosted in the 'recent amateur porn videos' area: as the name suggests, this is exactly what you're getting your hands on! A real simple concept, but I think it's one that people absolutely fall in love with. The scenes are typically real high quality and feature young, nubile ladies that love to take dick. The site even allows you to download some of the scenes if that's what you're into, which no doubt you are.

Review Pros

  • Regular updates
  • Free videos
  • Categories

Review Cons

  • Lots of adverts
  • Limited HD content