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Discreet Proposal has over 1 million members at the time of writing this review – quite an impressive number as far as Mr. Porn Geek is concerned! The homepage lets you sign up using a username, password and email address before eventually selecting your country, age, yearly income and ethnicity. It’s important to realize that these types of places are all about the money, so if you’re not the type of guy with cash in the bank, you’re probably better off reading our reviews of standard dating sites. Oh, and of course, if you’re a chick – becoming a sugar baby here is pretty damn simple.

I’m pretty happy with the interior design of Discreet Proposal: I selected a major US city as my ‘home’ and had around 1,000 people online in the last 24 hours. Out of the top 10 profiles, I’d say that 7 of them were easily “yeah, I’d smash” material – this is pretty damn good, as you normally don’t find that much A-grade fuck meat on a dating platform. One Asian girl there had these crazy injected dick sucking lips too – I just had to click on her profile and well, let’s just say that she was a pretty demanding baby!

The messaging system at Discreet Proposal was solid and the advanced search features made restricting the type of person you’re interested in a hell of a lot easier. All in all, DiscreetProposal.com stacks up pretty well compared to most destinations in the same niche – I’d recommend it to any guy rich enough – or any girl hot enough – that’s interested in the sugar daddy dating dynamic.

Review Pros
  • Chicks are fucking hot!
  • Simple sign up
  • Big community
Review Cons
  • Poor dudes won't get laid!