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Mr. Porn Geek: Clips Age reviewed

I’ve had a huge surge in the number of people visiting Mr. Porn Geek for Indian porn – a niche that I think is mainly popular in, would you have guessed it, India. The vast majority of people coming to the category I have for Desi delights are in India and today, I’m going to be bringing them another recommendation. If you’re reading this and you’re not looking for some naughty Hindi babes, probably best to look away now. Things are about to get VERY Indian and I’ve already got my order for rice and curry in – let’s see what other tasty, hot treats are waiting for us here on Clips Age, shall we?

Clips Age: initial impressions

Every single time I visit a website that doesn’t have HTTPS enabled, I make a point to mention it as my very first comment. Clips Age doesn’t allow you to connect through an encrypted line, so when you access this website, people who can monitor your network will see what it is you’re looking at (if they care to do so). This is a big issue for me and I really, really dislike visiting websites there just HTTP. Okay – so with that warning and clarification out of the way, let’s check out the site.

First things first: Clips Age seems to have been created quite a few years ago, as the design is a little on the ugly side. The main content area is dominated by adult video previews that are made up of a thumbnail, video title, length, upload date and view count. There’s also a main category next to the upload date, but this appears to mainly be ‘Indian Sex Scandal Clips’ and not things like anal, creampie, footjobs or whatever else. There’s a sidebar at Clips Age which has a few useful links – I wouldn’t recommend hitting the ‘switch to blog view’ button: that just makes the already somewhat unattractive website all the more less appealing.

Below that, you’ve got a full list of all the categories here on Clips Age – most of them are vague, country-based themes. For instance, you’ve got 1,057 Arab sex video clips, 40,554 Indian sex scandal clips, 481 Sri Lankan sex clips and 2,315 Desi masala clips. You’re probably wondering what to do when you want to see specific types of content, right? Well can help with the tags section here – you’ll see options for things like blowjob, nude and tits to name but a few. If I’m being completely frank, I wouldn’t describe the homepage experience here as being a particularly high quality one. Trawling through Clips Age reminds me somewhat of trawling through the East Mumbai slums.

Clips Age: content cop

So when you look at the content here, one of the major things that stands out is just how much it differs from tube websites that are more aligned to the interests of Western audiences. What do I mean by this? Well if you go to any of the most popular porn streaming platforms, you’ll notice that almost all of them have a decent chunk of their material coming from paysites. We’re talking smut that was shot on a professional camera by a crew for the purposes of sale – a highly capitalist system of getting adult entertainment. That’s just not the case here on Clips Age: it’s totally different.

Almost all of the uploads I looked through were completely amateur and in many cases, recorded with just a phone (not even with good ones either, like an iPhone 6 or above). I guess the lack of developed adult entertainment industry over there has made an environment where any Indian porn you’re getting your hands on has to be home made. This can have many negatives – content quality being one of them. I don’t think even 10% of the uploads at Clips Age were actually available in a HD format – you’ll be lucky to get 480p here. Audio can also suffer, as well as general angles and that type of thing. You know what I’m saying here, right? The meta elements of the shooting suck: the lighting’s off, the locations aren’t pretty and the cameras barely function.

But for many people, the Indian sex videos here at Clips Age are enjoyable precisely because any woman featured in the uploads isn’t getting paid for the naughtiness they’re engaging in. It’s all genuine sexuality: Desi babes that want to get naked, show off their dark skin and maybe even take a sausage or two while they’re at it. Amateur pornography has a particular vibe that many people enjoy, and the fact that the production value isn’t there actually adds to the pleasure, because you know that the sex is being had just for the pursuit of pleasure.

Indian sex content at Clips Age

After you click on a video, you’ll then have to hit ‘click here for FULL video playback’ if you want to get the embed stream – I don’t like that. Just put the embed right there, because if I’m trying to jerk off to some Indian amateur babe, the last thing I want to do is jump through hoops in order to get the damn thing playing. If you sign up here for a premium account, you can also download the clips directly to your PC. This seems weird though, since I can just right-click embeds and select ‘save as’ to get it stored on my PC. The whole Clips Age operation is scuffed man – no other way to put it.

Mr. Porn Geek’s final thoughts on Clips Age

If this free tube devoted itself entirely to American adult entertainment, it wouldn’t even get close to having a listing here on Mr. Porn Geek. The only reason I’m even thinking about recommending it is because I always struggle to find sources of good Indian porn – this just happens to be about as stellar as it gets in the genre. I’m not happy about Clips Age being something I’m recommending, but you have to contextualize the content you’re looking at and yeah – it does okay when stacked up against the competition. Anyway folks: that’s all I’ve got time for in this review: thanks for reading and I hope you manage to bust a nut or two over at!

Review Pros
  • Amateur Indian porn
  • Large archive
  • Regular updates
Review Cons
  • Non-HTTPS
  • Below-average design
  • Limited navigation tools