CCleaner Review


If I had to create a computer starter pack, CCleaner would be one of the first things in it. This program is fantastic and I run it about once a month to ensure that my PC is doing just great. Before I jump into what CCleaner does, I'll just say that I absolutely love the fact that these guys don't shove premium down your throat: it's recommended once or twice, but nothing is impossible for you to do without the default edition and if you don't want to hand over cash, you don't need to. Anyway, let me tell you more about how CCleaner works and what's so good about it.

So the 'cleaner' aspect of CCleaner allows you to clean up lots of temporary documents that are wasting space on your PC. I ran it today after around 3 weeks of not doing so and I'd managed to create 9 GB of data since the last boot. This might not be a huge amount of space, but if you're on a laptop with a small SSD, that's pretty damn precious. Other CCleaner features include registry fixing, tools to change what boots up when your PC turns on an advanced uninstall feature that can get to programs the standard Windows install cannot. Put simply, this is a fantastic computer product and one I personally thoroughly recommend.

Review Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Lots of great free features

Review Cons

  • No auto backup registry