Cartoon Sex Game Review

Cartoon Sex Game


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You dirty perverts can’t seem to get enough of porn games, so I have to constantly go out there and try out a bunch of different destinations to see whether or not they’re decent enough to recommend. After multiple hours searching today I came across Cartoon Sex Game: you select your gender, who you want to fuck and then answer a few more questions to customize your profile. Note that like many destinations these days, this game requires you to sign up using a credit card (which isn’t billed when you join – I can confirm) in order to verify for your age. I think it’s one of those new EU regulations just to keep them out of trouble.

Anyhow, once you’re signed up and signed in you get some pretty crazy gaming action going on. It’s a little hard to get a grip of at first because of all the different options, but once you set everything up (and mute the damn thing) you’ll love it. The graphics are impressive – not world-class, but certainly better than most games in this category. Plus it has a lot of replay value and keeps you coming back for more. Games should feel like that, so I can certainly recommend Cartoon Tube and its insane porn game – enjoy!

Review Pros

  • Great design
  • Easy to join

Review Cons

  • Needs age confirmation