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MrPornGeek checks out CandyList

CandyList is a site that is full of nice photo galleries and videos from around the web. However, rather than taking you to a lovely porn candy shop, this site does feel a little bit like going to a candy shop run by someone who hates children. There is candy in this shop, but there isn’t much quality candy and some of the candy may be poisoned!

When you get to the homepage of CandyList you are greeted by some thumbnails of the popular porn on the website. Click on these sexy thumbnails and they will take you to either a collection of photos or a video of a scene. Most of the time, the video is just a trailer for a longer porn video, but that’s the same on all porn sites like these. Click on one of the galleries and you are taken to some of the most generic porn photo galleries on the net! Most of the porn on CandyList is nothing special, and you can tell that just from the design of the website!

The design of CandyList

Even the generic porn on this site cannot compete with how boring the design of this is! It is so basic that there are basic bitches everywhere that come on this site every day just to make themselves feel better about their basic bitchiness! You know those sites for local businesses that are made because the owner was told that they need a website and so they get a down and dirty quick crap one? That’s what this website feels like. A quick shitty website that has no real value in the porn world, to be honest.

As I said, all the porn on this site is just generic crap that you can find anywhere so what’s the point of CandyList? Seriously, I’m asking cos I have no idea! I will say that CandyList is very responsive, but that is only because hardly any of the porn they offer is actually on their website. Most of the links send you away from CandyList to another even more generic page. Honestly, out of all the sites we have reviewed on here, this may well be the most basic design, layout and porn we have ever seen!

Where’s the menu CandyList?

All told there are 56 videos and galleries to choose from on CandyList that’s it! There is no menu, no way of searching through the backlog of porn, nothing! CandyList is a one-page website full of generic crap porn that could be found on any other porn site. In fact, most site probably wouldn’t even bother with the porn on CandyList that is how generic it is! I really cannot see the point of CandyList. The women on the site are sexy porn pros, which is a saving grace, but you can find photos and videos of these girls on just about every other site out there.

CandyList is so basic that there is no menu that I could find on the site. Typically, shit sites like these do have category tags at the bottom of the page, but I couldn’t even find these! There is nothing, they update the porn daily and seemingly delete all the other content daily too! What’s the point of CandyList? Please, someone fucking tell me!

Additional features for CandyList to consider

You know all the other features that porn sites offer that make them really good? Do that! Create a menu system with a pornstar directory and some categories. While you’re there, add a section where we can find the backdated porn. Then add some porn that isn’t generic. Perhaps source some better porn from other sites too. I watched one video on this site, and the girl sounded like she was straight off the boat from her little American town. Now she’s at college and needs extra money she’s using her massive tits to get some. Now,  I did appreciate the tits, they were natural and fuck huge, but I clicked on that porn video at the top of the page! In fact, it is currently #1 on the page! If that is the quality of the number 1 video on the page, that sums up CandyList to me.

CandyList is a load of bollocks. It has some very sexy women featured on the site, but there are not enough to keep you interested. Plus when you do watch them in action, they are terrible actors. I don’t mind bad acting in porn, it is the funniest thing about porn, but I do mind badly-acted fake orgasms and shit production work which is what this site has to offer you!

The Geeks final thoughts on CandyList

If CandyList changed literally everything on the site, it might be good! It needs a complete design overhaul, a shit load more porn that is interesting and actually gets your cock hard and a menu system. If it did all this, it might just become a mediocre site, but for now, it is fucking shocking!

The girls on this site even know how bad this site is because they aren’t trying to be sexy and enjoy themselves and they don’t even know they are going to be featured on this site! This is just a site with some links on that doesn’t make its own porn yet even the girls in the videos are depressed by the thought of CandyList.

Don’t waste your wanking time on this site, go and check out our other porn site reviews and click on any other one! You will have a lot better of a time on any of the other sites we have reviewed than this one! Honestly, CandyList is a huge disappointment. It is full of generic crap porn that wouldn’t make the Pope’s shrivelled tiny Catholic cock hard!

Review Pros
  • Some quality photos and videos
  • Responsive
Review Cons
  • Mostly generic stuff
  • Bad design