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Bunette review – anal heaven

Mr. Porn Geek has always been a world-class provider of great websites, right? Well today, I want to talk to you about a place that’s a little bit niche but totally devoted to something that’s going to make you shoot ropes if this is your niche of choice. We can all tell that porn has gotten more and more extreme over the years – just how extreme some girls take it is absolutely wild, though. Bunette is a hub that is an example of this: it’s all about anal stuff and girls sticking huge dildos, crazy objects and even fists into their asses. They’ve also got some enema smut if that interests you – but let’s crack on with the full review and see what’s going on here.

First impressions of Bunette

So the homepage here is incredibly minimal – that’s not a big issue for me, though, since I’m all about keeping things as simple as possible. Perhaps the best part of Bunette is the fact that you can instantly click on videos and see the content that you desire there and then. In case you haven’t figured it out, this is a tube service, so you’ll basically be watching videos and jerking off to them as you do so. One nice feature here on Bunette is the fact that so much of the content is actually available from amateur sources. Sure, you’ve got a few professional productions here, but the craziest girls when it comes to brutal anal action are the cam sluts and homemade content producers – that’s where you get your hands on the good stuff!

Who is Bunette

There are lots of different models here on Bunette, but the actual owner of the website has their own content that you can check out. Turns out that the whole operation is maintained by a sexy blonde babe that has a fascination with sticking things in her rear entrance. She’s also big on travel and even has an Instagram account that you can follow, as well as a subreddit that features quite a few videos and GIFs. The whole experience here is a wonderful mix of squirting, ass pumping, enemas, fisting and so on. Girls can be seriously crazy creatures if you give them the freedom they desire! Turns out that Bunette is also a major fan of Mr. Porn Geek: glad to have you as a follower here, sweetie!

My conclusion on the Bunette project

No matter what type of extreme content you’re interested in, the kinky owner of Bunette is going to provide. Whether you’re just after the free, full-length HD videos or want to part with some cash for the best content out there, Bunette is here to help. As always, I’d like to thank you for reading this review and remember: no one does it better than Mr. Porn Geek in the adult business! Anyhow, it’s probably best for you to go ahead and visit Bunette today: your cock will thank you for it, that much I can guarantee! Cheers for reading and have a great hog squeeze, buddy: you deserve it.

Review Pros
  • Crazy ass videos
  • Fast loading speeds
  • Very few adverts
Review Cons
  • Small archive
  • Cannot download videos