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Brutal Clips Preview

Brutal Clips is exactly what you would expect it to be; a site that offers only the roughest and filthiest porn videos. When it comes to premium porn sites, most of them provide general content with loads of categories and types of porn. And that’s fine too, but if you, as I do, find regular stuff kinda boring sometimes and not titillating enough, then a niche site like this one is exactly what you need to make your spanking sessions intense again.

Every scene is 100% hardcore. Pussies, asses, mouths, filled. We all know you can think of some hardcore porn fantasies that you want to see. Top porn star performers get destroyed in the best ways here, and I do mean destroyed in the best sense of the term! No mercy is shown to these sexy porn sluts, and quite frankly, they all get just a bit more than they asked for, consensually, which makes the videos even hotter. A premium porn membership to Brutal Clips will get you access to all of the content, streamed in HD and high download speeds. In regards to whores or models, if you prefer it that way, they come in all shapes and sizes, colors too. The only thing they have in common is that they get absolutely smashed by one or more hard cocks in the filthiest of ways imaginable. So, sign up, grab your dick and smack away.

Brutal Clips Review

There is some great hardcore sex from Brutal Clips, and if you like hardcore action that is messy and rough, this is a top porn website for it. There are well over 200 videos on the site, and they use the best porn starts for brutal porn sex. These hungry porn sluts love being pounded and thrust into. They love being choked during sex and having their mouths deepthroated. These chicks enjoy gagging on dick, and you get to watch them take this hardcore fantasy over and over again.

Brutal Clips has multiple formats for streaming on the site, so you can see this anal and pussy stretching in the best porn movie format for your internet connection. For people that are looking for that soft erotic porn, it is not here. Go read my review about Sexy Hub. If you are looking for variety in with both rough and soft, go read my review about Pornhub Premium. This is a niche site, and for someone like me who loves a lot of rough sex porn movies, this site is where I go.

Holes Beg To Be Useful

This site is not all about cocks in holes though. There are toys, sex machines, fingers; there is a lot of variety. The porn genres that are represented also have a lot of variety as well, with double penetration, anal sex, group sex, face-fucking porn, interracial sex, and extreme BDSM porn. There is extreme kink porn that isn’t all fluff, which is excellent.

Many of the porn films on Brutal Clips are around a half an hour in length. These aren’t small snippets that you might see on other sites. The website updates pretty well and has some HD videos, though I would love to see more. Overall, the website is well priced and has a good variety in the extreme porn category.

Brutal Clips Bonus Content

You do get some bonus content here, with access to the Adult Member Zone Network and FHUTA. FHUTA means Fuck Her Up The Ass, in case you weren’t aware, so expect more rough sex here. You see the theme. Either way, the bonus content her is nice to have, so take a look at it.

Brutal Clips Discounts

There is no need to look any further for a site that provides the fulfillment of hardcore sex fantasies of the top porn movie caliber. The movies here can be both downloaded and streamed, and there are some great bonus sites to take advantage of. This can be yours at a fantastic price, compliments of Mr. Porn Geek. Visit Brutal Clips from here for the best rates.

The Best of Brutal Clips

The site is easy to navigate and find what you are looking for. Over 70% of the content here is exclusive, so you can also see some carefully selected DVDs that have been added to the collection. The website has an accurate name, these are rough porn clips and if you have rough sex fantasies, this place is perfect for you.

The Worst of Brutal Clips

The website should fix its date posting. I don’t care how many days ago a video was posted, but I would love to know the date it was published. Makes sense, right? How many people are going to count back 90 days to see how old a porn movie is? Not many. It is a small peeve, and one that has minimal impact on people lives, but I like to know the accurate date easily if a website posts them.

There are other ways that the site could be improved too. For one, members cannot post comments. Since a lot of people do not understand the immense amount of consent involved with extreme BDSM and hardcore sex, there might be some misunderstandings if comments were allowed. These ladies LOVE it rough, that is why they come to this site to begin with. Everything is talked out, and safe words are an essential part of the process.

More Could Be in HD

It would make me really happy if more if they had more porn movies in HD, but I understand that they are working on it, I just get excited about crisp and clear sex where the sexiest porn women are left with leg shaking orgasms in full HD.

Also, there are no photo sets for the site, and some of the content is not exclusive. Brutal Clips does have great exclusive porn content though too, so you get the best of both worlds here.

The Bottom Line about Brutal Clips

These babes love taking this rough sex action. The hottest porn women are here and are extremely happy you like watching them in the most compromising sex positions. They love it extreme, and so do you. Of course, this is why you are such a good match for the site. There is a considerable amount of fetish content, strong and straightforward rough sex porn clips. The girls here are amateur porn stars, and the orgasms are so intense. For me, real orgasms are the crown jewel of porn. With the best porn rates on the highest quality porn movies, there is plenty to be happy about. Add in the amazing porn deals that you get from Mr. Porn Geek, and it is an even better experience. Why not save as much money as you can on the porn you love?

Review Pros

  • High-quality content
  • Lots of pussy destruction
  • Good perks for premium members

Review Cons

  • No softcore!