Bree Olson Review

Bree Olson

If you ever wondered if there was a god, any experience with Bree Olson will confirm that there is. She's 29 years old and has been in the industry for around 10 years now - American born and raised, this blonde beauty is pretty much the ideal woman and one of the more popular pornstars out there. In fact, Pornhub ranks Bree Olson in their top 150 pornstars viewed, with her videos receiving over 8,000,000 looks since she started doing porn. It's estimated that Bree has appeared in more than 150 pornographic videos - quite a number when you think about it!

Oh, I'll also point out that Bree Olson is a vegan - go you, girl! Ethical and hot? Yes please! She was dating Charlie Sheen for a while as well, although it seems that it didn't go to well for her as they split up in April of 2011. Nowadays, Bree has 1.1 million followers on Twitter and posts sometimes, but not as much as we'd like. Ideally, if you like social media and following pornstars, do yourself a favor and hit up her snapchat: she's pretty damn naughty when it comes to that app. I've seen things, man. Things you'd love to see.

Review Pros

  • Posts sexy stuff
  • Some candid non-porn material

Review Cons

  • Posts about three times a week