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What is BoyVid?

BoyVid is a gay porn site that I currently have mixed feelings about. So, this gay site does have a fair bit of older porn on it. It also has a lot of short porn on it too. Now, this is usually a recipe for disaster for any gay porn tube sites that I review. However, the short gay porn on BoyVid is from amateurs, which is to be expected, and the older porn is all full-length. So can BoyVid scrape by and get a good score in this review? Well, dear reader, I am going to need all of my porn exploration skills for this one. So, let’s delve deeper into BoyVid and see what the hell is going on, shall we?

The porn on BoyVid

I mentioned the porn on BoyVid a fair bit above, but I am going to mention the porn more here too, so there. Now, as I said, BoyVid has a pretty healthy mixture of short and long porn, and all of it seems pretty good. This site has a nice mix of amateurs on cam jerking off and professional porn scenes too. This all sounds good, and it did seem pretty good, that was until I started trying to watch the porn.

So far, I have tried about 20 porn videos on BoyVid, and none of them have worked. One of the porn videos on this site took me to another site that my security blocked, and the rest didn’t work at all. This isn’t the best way for a gay site to start off their review, is it? I would say that unless you love computer STIs as much as you do real-life STIs, it may be best to steer clear of this site. This could just be a temporary STI, like crabs or something, but right now BoyVid ain’t safe for any of you horny fuckers.

Is BoyVid the place to be?

I wrote the title of this section way before I found all the issues surrounding the porn on this site. This gay porn tube site looked awesome, it had a nice mixture of short and long gay porn, and so I thought this site could have scored highly. How fucking wrong I was. I don’t trust this gay site, and so far, I still haven’t seen any gay porn on it at all. So is BoyVid actually a porn site at all? Or is it trying to steal your info while blue-balling you, the worst kind of crime!

The Geek’s final thoughts on BoyVid

BoyVid could have been a great gay site, but it is untrustworthy, full of STIs and disappointing, just like me, really! I would love to have given you fine gay folk a place to go and jerk until the cows come home, but BoyVid isn’t it, I am sorry to say!

Review Pros
  • Nice design
  • Some HD porn
  • Some long porn scenes
Review Cons
  • Short porn videos
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