Boob Critic Review

Boob Critic

I consider myself to be one of the more informed people out there when it comes to sex and pleasure, but when it comes to the best titties in the business, I'm likely going to trust the opinion of Boob Critic over my own. This site is - as the name suggests - completely devoted to the appreciation, sharing and rating of breasts from all around the world. Professional tits, small tits, juicy tits and mature tits - no matter what it is, these guys are on hand to show them and tell you how good they are. Most of the time, they're pretty damn good!

The header allows you to check out the top 10 sets, highest rated uploads, those that belong to pornstars and of course, the ability for you to share your own rack. I guess to the female readers of Mr. Porn Geek, get your titties out and show them to the world right here on Boob Critic - they're pretty happy to check out any fun bags put on offer and if you're any good, that homepage feature spot is going to be all yours. Love amateur and professional boobies? This is where you'll find them.

Review Pros

  • Lots of tits
  • Well organised

Review Cons

  • Huge comment area
  • Some adverts