Behind Trans 500 Review

Behind Trans 500

Behind Trans 500 is a relatively new network site that is owned and operated by Trans 500, a network which features some of the best fucking and sucking of shemales you’ll likely come across on the Internet. This place has won numerous awards over the years (one at XBIZ in 2016) and their behind the scenes stuff is a fantastic way to get inside the mind and butt of your favourite transsexual pornstar. Let’s head inside and I can tell you a little more about what you can expect to find at Behind Trans 500.

Around three to four times a month, has a personal 1 on 1 with a model that has performed on the show. They talk about their experiences, how they like working in the industry and also just show off the silly side of the porn industry. It’s a pretty funny look at the world of shemale porn and while subtitles are required for a lot of the translations, a few of the chicks do talk in broken English and clearly enjoy their time in front of the camera. It might not be jerking material, but if you’re interested in trans chicks, check out this behind the scenes site and get complete access to all of the Trans 500 network for free!

Review Pros

  • Funny site concept
  • Some great content
  • Free network access

Review Cons

  • Small archive
  • No regular updates