Banana Bunny Review

Banana Bunny

Now, I know that I just said that Tush was a minimal blog, but this takes that to a whole new level! is a Tumblr blog (with its own URL) that pretty much defines the concept of being about pornography and nothing else. It’s images and nothing else: just sexy pictures and maybe one or two videos every so often, but the site is that and literally everything else is white. Crazy, eh? Anyway, before you head on over to jerk your meat to Banana Bunny, I should point out that this is a Tumblr blog devoted to male to female transsexuals.

I’d say that around 50% of the content on is Asian in nature, with some hot chicks from Thailand and other Eastern countries showing off their feminine cocks. There’s a good mix of professional and amateur content here and while around 80% of it features girls just posing solo with their dicks in display, there are a few hardcore scenes that have these transsexuals getting fucked in their asses. For me, there’s no better Tumblr blog out there than Banana Bunny! Check it out and have some fun, you won’t be disappointed.

Review Pros

  • Lots of posts
  • Minimal design

Review Cons

  • Limited videos
  • No dates