Anon IB Review

Anon IB

One thing you might not know about Mr. Porn Geek is that I’ve been browsing around Chans and the like for many, many years. Fuck, I was way back when some sites initially started and people had no ideas what an image board was. Today, we’re going to take a look at Anon IB, an adult-focused image board that is like 4Chan, but totally devoted to smut. Unlike other places, there are dozens of boards here that cover a heap of niches. We’re talking amateurs, azn chikz, cosplay, MILF, traps and even some teen posts to boot. Note that also has an area for people to share posts from most American states and countries around the world. If you’re looking for local sluts or just have a particular taste, Anon IB is a good source.

I went to the traps board first because I love me some dickgirl, it’s currently sitting at around 8,000 posts. Amateur had 8,500, BDSM clocked just under 500 and teen is killing it with just under 20k. Obviously, there’s a big mixture of numbers here and depending on what you want, the numbers are going to be up and down. As with all image boards, posting is anonymous and the site even has a handy EXIF feature to extract data from uploads. Definitely one of my favorite ways to find good quality porn from the world of neckbeard fedora folk.

Review Pros

  • Lots of boards
  • Well organised
  • No spam

Review Cons

  • Some boards lack content