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Filthy adult comics for all tastes

Who hasn’t read manga in there younger days? Maybe you were in love with Hello Spank! or Naruto. Or, if you’re like me, as a teen you were introduced to sexy things for the first time by Ranma, However, now that you’re an adult, you need to know that there are also pornographic manga. They’re called hentai, and they’re seriously hot! Among the sites that make them available for pervs like you and me, I’ve recently stumbled upon Anime Hentai, a huge collection that includes hundreds – if not billions – of titles.

It’s worth noting right from the start that here you won’t find videos. There are only erotic manga to read on the screen of your device: some are full-color, while others are black and white. With hundreds of categories to choose from, on Anime Hentai there’s something for every fetish!

What the fuck is Anal Birth? And Breast Expansion?

On Anime Hentai there’s no shortage of sexy content for all tastes, and the navigation structure makes it easy to find whatever you want. On the top of the homepage, right below the main menu, there’s a list of popular tags you can choose from. It’s obvious that even the strangest fetishes are more than welcome here: tags like Breast Expansion, Ass Expansion, Anal Birth and Amputee may sound quite bizarre to a Western ear, but they’re very popular in Japan.

However, there are also the typical tags of our favourite porn sites, like MILF, Threesome, Strap-On and Lingerie. Remember that Futanari means “trans”, and Yuri means “lesbian”. Overall, I feel that Anime Hentai is the kingdom of fetish-related comics, with plenty of content about femdom, ageplay, footjobs, feminization and so on. If you have a particular kink, here you’ll find it represented!

On the main menu, you can choose to sort the manga for “tags”, “artists” and “characters”. You can choose to browse tags, artists and characters in alphabetical order, or to just see a list of the most popular ones. I actually liked the feature “Random”, listed on the main menu: by clicking on the button, you get a randomly chosen manga to fap to.

The porn parodies of our favourite manga

Are you ready to see Sailor Moon fucking her friends, or Goku from Dragon Ball banging a hot chick? Well, now you can, on the “Parodies” category of Anime Hentai! Surprisingly, there are also X-rated comics featuring beloved characters from the Western world, such as Super Mario (would you ever imagine him having such a naughty sex life?), the Wizard of Oz and even Harry Potter. In one of them Harry is actually a hot girl, with the young wizard’s signature round glasses and huge boobs, while another features a slutty Hermione Granger with kitty ears. Manga lovers, instead, can find sexy parodies of Ranma, Love Hina and almost all of the most popular Japanese comics.

A pleasant user experience

The site is fast to load, despite the abundance of graphic content. Once you click on the thumbnail of the manga you want to read, you get directed to a page where you can see its title, rating, tags and all the pages of the comic. You can choose the page you want to read by simply clicking on it. This is a great option for people who haven’t got the time to read through all the story and want to jump immediately to the sex scenes.

The button “Read Online” links to a reader that looks very similar to the ones that are used for ebooks. My only complaint is that, because of the huge “Top Rated” menu on the left, I can’t see the comic on full screen. Keep in mind that you can’t read manga from left to right like you would do with a western comic, and this applies to the content on this website too. The correct way to read a Japanese comic, even if it’s translated in English, is from right to left.

If you want to express your appreciation for a manga you really liked, you can click on “Fapped!”, which works as if it was a “Like”, but for the hentai world! On the top right of the page, there’s an option to register or login. I’ve registered a new account, but can’t really understand what its purpose is: I didn’t get access to more content, nor to other features of the site.

The language barrier and censorship

Unfortunately, not all content on Anime Manga is in English. There are many manga in Japanese without the translation but I found that, even if I couldn’t understand a word, I could still get myself off because of the graphic content. After all a blowjob is a blowjob, both in English and in Japanese! The images are so explicit that you would likely understand what’s going on even without being able to read the text, unless you really want to understand the plot of the story.

However, while some folks are just looking for X-rated images to wank to, others may want to read dirty words and explicit dialogues as well. This may be the case for people who are into some particular dynamics of BDSM or “consensual non-consent” fantasies, where the story is more important than the naked bodies. But here comes into play another limit of those hentai comics: the censorship. If you browse through Anime Manga’s content, you’ll notice that many vaginas and anuses are blurred or covered by a black bar.

This happens because the Japanese Criminal Code prohibits the distribution of “indecent” material, so the pornographic images need to be partially censored by covering the genitalia. This rule applies to hentai too. Censorship will probably not bother the adult comic lovers, who are already used to only see pussies hidden by a digital mosaic. People who want to see it all, however, can always choose the tag “Uncensored”: the website offers plenty of content with genitals in full sight as well.

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  • Tons of free hentai porn
  • Easy to navigate
  • 3D hentai
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  • Some spam