Adult Free X Review

Adult Free X

Here we go! Wordpress looking sites on the horizon, drop your anchors and let's browse the site in an orderly fashion. This is my 1st impression of the site. It's way to clean. It's just looking like one of those sites that's copy/pasted by a programmer who's losing his voice, trying to put his touch of creativity into it, but his boss won't let him since it takes too much time, hence the profit's not there. Getting to the point, is here to send you to their "partners sites".

From the bars on the top to the right bottom, where it says "Visit partners site" they are giving you the direction to go somewhere else. This is what threw me off since sites like these usually aren't worth the time, but then something happened... I went to check out the videos, and I noticed that they're all brand videos. From Mofos to Brazzers, so on and so forth, so I was skeptical since I expected to see a chopped 4-minute low-quality videos like on any tube site, boy was I wrong! All of the videos are full length, decent picture quality and you can adjust the pace of the video. Besides the annoying pop-ups and the floaters in the middle of the video, is a quality porn tube site, that gives value. So don't be like me and check it, you'll be pleased!

Review Pros

  • Brand videos
  • Full-length videos
  • Easily maneuverable

Review Cons

  • Annoying pop-ups
  • Advertisement oriented