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The best Asian porn around!

Whether it’s going by the name 5NPY, 3NPY, 00NPY or some other variation, few can deny that this is a choice hub if you’re in the business of getting your hands on great XXX sex videos from Asia. I will warn you ahead of time that all of the pages here are in Chinese and I was actually tipped off about this place by a user of Mr. Porn Geek. He swears by it and while my Mandarin is a little on ‘never learned it’ side of things, I’ll do my best to take a look around NPY to give you an idea of what’s on offer here.

Amateur porn galore

One of the first things I noticed about NPY is that they’ve got a lot of amateur content. While it seems that they host professional JAV action too, a lot of this is straight-up Chinese chicks enjoying cock. This clip was great because it showed a mainland babe enjoying a decent fuck after getting a dick hard with her mouth. Homeboy even spanks that tight yellow ass once or twice like he’s a stud in the bedroom – you’ve got to give him credit for living in the moment, right? Click here if you want the good amateur content straight from China.

JAV in two flavors

It would appear that the porn from Japan here is offered both in pixelated and non-pixelated formats: that’s a stellar separation if you ask me! I prefer to see my dicks and pussies over a bunch of random noise, but that’s just me. Pick the category that’s suited to your interests – Mr. Porn Geek isn’t going to judge either way! Anyway folks, that’s about it for this review: thanks for reading and enjoy some quality porn aimed at Chinese users.

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  • Amateur Chinese porn
  • Fast loading times
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  • URL changes
  • Not in English