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Twistys has one of the most diverse amounts of porn on any premium website out there. You have both photos and videos to sink your teeth into. The reason why Mr. Porn Geek loves this site so much is due to all the amazing unique videos that Twisty produces. Multiple amazing feature-length pornos pumped out every month, and you won’t find them anywhere else. The movies are just as diverse as the site too, including incest porn, anal, lesbian, and a whole lot more. You are going to get a lot of bang for your buck if you sign up to Twistys!

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Twistys Discount

- Full Detailed Review by Mr. Porn Geek
  • About Twistys

    Twistys is a porn studio originally founded in 2001, although back then they were not producing content for themselves, instead, they were selling it on to other people. Eventually, they realized that they would make a shit ton more money if they not only made their own content, but they produced their own porn videos too. Thus, was born. is now part of the MindGeek network of websites (this is the same network that also owns PornHub and YouPorn), so you know that the company is in the safest possible hands and that there is a lot of money being pumped into the website to ensure that it is the best that it can be.


    While the bulk of the content can be found on the Twistys website, when you sign up for their premium porn membership plan, you will also have access to some of their niche websites. This includes – WhenGirlsPlay, NicoleGraves & (this is where their hardcore porn can be found!) One of the interesting things about is that it tends to go more towards the soft-core pornography, something which many porn sites do not do. Don’t worry, you still have some hardcore stuff mixed into the site, but most of it is very soft in nature. Mr. Porn Geek knows that you are probably wondering why you would want to see softcore porn. Well, it is because it tends to be a lot more sensual. If you are not watching somebody jump right into some of the most intense fucking you have ever seen, then the videos are going to be amazing. There is a lot of build-ups and, to be quite honest, you are probably going to get your cock out and have a quick wank before you see any nudity in these videos. It is that good.


    Just as a note; was primarily founded as an image website. It wasn’t until 2011 that they really started to produce porn videos. This means that the bulk of the content is going to be the image galleries that you find on the website. Don’t worry, this is going to be a good thing too. There are a lot of images to browse through, and the team over at certainly are a dab hand with the camera. This is one of only a few image gallery sites that Mr. Porn Geek recommends. Toss in the fact that there is a ton of awesome videos to watch, and you have a site which is a true joy to browse.

  • Content Amount

    It is hard to say exactly how much content you will be able to find on the website. They add it so regularly that it is hard to keep track, not to mention the fact that there is no real counter on their website. However, the most educated guesses put the amount of content on the website in the 8,000 video range. This is on top of thousands upon thousands of image galleries. Basically, is a site that you are never going to be bored with. The interesting thing about is that for the bulk of its life, it never produced porn videos at all. However, in 2011 when the average internet speed started to skyrocket, the company decided that it wanted to do things a little bit differently…so it made videos too. It is amazing that they have managed to produce so many videos in such a short span of time. No complaints from Mr. Porn Geek, though.

  • Video Quality

    Nearly all of the videos that you can find at are in full HD. Some of the older videos (i.e. from the early days of the website) may be erring towards standard SD, but these are few and far between. You can download the videos or stream online. One of the wonderful thing about is that they enable you to stream or download the videos in whatever quality you want. This is really going to save you time if you want a quick wank and your internet is not up to snuff.

  • Exclusivity

    Nearly all of the videos that you find at are going to be 100% unique. During the early days of their video site, they did buy in content from elsewhere to pad out their site a little bit. This is not something that they do now, but it does mean that some of the older videos you may have seen before. However, this is not going to be more than a few hundred of them, and since they are the older videos you probably are not going to give a shit about them anyway. All of the image galleries, however, have been snapped by and this is the only place in the world where you are legally going to be able to see these hot sluts naked.

  • What You'll Get

    With your membership, you will get instant access to the website. No bullshit. You will not be cut off from content like the standard trial that the site offers. This means that you can download content to your heart’s content. Yes, this content is still going to work even after your subscription to has expired.

  • Fine Print

    You will only be able to enjoy the lifetime discount of $17.99 per month as long as you keep your subscription to running. If you cancel for any reason, or your payment fails, then you will no longer be entitled to the whopping discount and will, instead, need to pay full price monthly. However, even if you do end up paying full price for your subscription, it is going to be 100% worth it.

  • Downsides

    the Biggest downside is that this is still primarily an image website. If you love seeing women nude in photographs, then this is great. They are working incredibly hard on building up the video part of their website, however. It is still one of the top porn websites in the world anyway. That is never going to change.

  • Conclusion is an amazing website. No matter what type of legal porn you are looking for, you are sure to find it here. With thousands upon thousands of videos and image galleries to browse through, you are never going to get bored. Don’t forget to hit the link below to take advantage of Mr. Porn Geek’s amazing offer on the website.


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