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Playboy TV started on cable and satellite a number of years ago, but did you know it was possible to access the concept they've built up over the years on demand? At, you get an unrivalled service where thousands of quality productions themed around sex are offered to you instantly and without restriction. Titles such as Cougar Club LA, Adult Film School, Groundbreakers, The Playboy Morning Show and plenty of others are all just a click away. So what are you waiting for? Nab a great coupon deal for Playboy TV now thanks to Mr. Porn Geek ? you won't be disappointed!

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Playboy TV Discount

- Full Detailed Review by Mr. Porn Geek
  • About Playboy TV

    Yep. The gods of the adult entertainment magazine world have their own website, and it is fantastic. Playboy needs no introduction. It is these guys who basically made looking at naked women in magazines perfectly acceptable. (yeah, you probably read Playboy for the articles…you swear!) isn’t like any other adult entertainment site, though. While other sites thrive on offering hard fucking video after hard fucking video, Playboy goes down a softcore route. Sure, there is some hard fucking, but it is more ‘real’…just like their magazine.

    You can think of as being like Netflix in the porn world. They aren’t just uploading videos of people having sex, they are uploading actual TV shows. For example; there are shows which are akin to Big Brother. They have stuck a couple of people in a mansion hoping and praying that they end up having sex. Other videos teach you how to take people on dates (and hopefully get banged at the end of it), and others are just straight up sex.

    It should probably go without saying that is able to attract some of the sexiest people to work for them. This is a huge brand, after all. Anybody who is employed by Playboy knows that they are in that job because they are one of the most beautiful people in the world. This means that a trip to means that you are going to see all your favourite playboy bunnies featured in all their glory. You will be able to see them in ways that you never would have imagined if you read the magazine. It is basically like being invited to one of those amazing playboy mansion parties…only you aren’t going to be turned down by girl after girl.

    The production values on the site are incredibly high. This is to be expected. Playboy got to where they are in this industry because they know how to crank out something with amazing production values. You won’t be disappointed in a single video that you find here. It is fair to say that Playboy.TV is different enough that you can get a membership here and on another network. This way you will always have amazing porn to watch.


  • Content Amount has about 2,500 videos available at the time of writing. They average about 30-minutes in length. However, do remember that this is not going to be 30-minutes of nudity or anything like that. Some of these videos may not have any nudity at all. They are reality shows. You may get lucky and see some tits in a few of them, but not all are going to be like this.

    Despite Playboy getting famous on the back of their photo shoots, there are no photo galleries available. This means you can’t dip into the archive of decades of Playboy. There are video caps of some of the videos which you can download, but they have never set up a specific photo shoot for their models, which is a bit of a shame because the filthy sluts that you are going to find appearing on Playboy.TV are going to be the hottest in the world.

    There are regular uploads on the site. You should see a new video or two added every single day, so you will always have at least an hour of content to watch once you have knocked off work and gone home. There are about 102 TV series on, with new ideas turning up all the time.

  • Video Quality

    All the video content available on the website is available in full HD. You can also stream at a lower bitrate if you don’t have the internet connection to deal with it. On the videos that you can download, you will also be able to download these in full HD too, although do bear in mind that not all of the videos can be downloaded.

  • Exclusivity

    Most of the videos that you find on are exclusive to the site. For some of the TV series that they have put on the site, they seem to be using some of the better Reality Kings content. Nearly everything found on the site is exclusive, though. This means that it can’t be found anywhere else online. does not hand its content over to other sites.

  • What You'll Get

    With this PlayBoy discount, you can nab the greatest deal of them all; 7-days access to PlayBoy.TV for absolutely nothing. Not enough time to view all the content (that would take months), but enough to get a feel for everything the site offers.  You can watch anything on the site, and some of the videos allow downloads so you can download those too.

  • Fine Print

    You will need to submit your card details when you sign up for your trial. If you do not cancel, then you will be billed for a whole year at $99.95. It does not renew at the monthly price, which is normally $39.95. So, if you do wish to chuck your subscription away, you best do it before those 7-days are up.

  • Downsides is not so much focused on the actual sex as it is about making shows around the idea of sex. Sure, sex happens, but this is more a very ‘hot’ TV network. Think of it as HBO, but none of that story shit in between. It is just straight up banging on occasion. Some people are not fans of that. They just want to watch some fucking, and if you are one of those people then this site is not going to be for you at all. Some of the videos are not downloadable, although there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to which you can download and which you can’t. You will need a premium membership if you want to download those videos, but there is enough downloadable content that it should not be that much of an issue anyway.

  • Conclusion

    Playboy.TV has the brand of one of the biggest names in the ‘nude’ world. What is not to love about that? It does do its nudity a little bit differently, but that is always what has made Playboy stand out from the rest of the adult entertainment world, so why would it be any different this time? The 7-day trial to test out the content is amazing. If you renew for 12-months at $99.95, then it is going to be more than worth it too. A stellar deal all round.


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