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If you love your amateur paysites regularly updated, then Mr. Porn Geek believes that ‘I know that girl’ is most definitely the xxx site for you. It is updated a whopping 10 times per week! The best part is that this site is part of the mofos network, so not only do you get access to this website, but you get access to over a dozen others too. You'll find only the best amateur girls getting banged hard in these videos, plus most are user-submitted videos which means that you can enjoy some of the hottest amateurs in the business. This site is absolutely worth the premium discount price!

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IKnowThatGirl Discount

- Full Detailed Review by Mr. Porn Geek
  • About IKnowThatGirl

    I Know That Girl bills itself as a website where you may stumble across a girl that you knew from high school or college. It claims to be the ‘cream of the crop’ in the world of amateur porn. This ain’t ‘real’ amateur porn, though. Far from it. The videos on I Know That Girl are all made by professional porn stars. The only way you are going to know anybody on this website is if they ended up going into the porn business, but chances are you would have known they did anyway. You wouldn’t just randomly think “damn, I didn’t know they were into porn”. It’s the type of shit that spreads around easily once somebody does that! This ain’t a real issue anyway. There are legal problems with putting actual amateur porn online.


    Don’t worry, the team at I Know That Girl has worked really fucking hard to ensure that their videos ‘feel’ like amateur porn. It does sound weird, but the sluts in these videos are really good actors. You really feel like their boyfriend or lover is shoving a video camera in their face and they really don’t want to be filmed. At the end of the video, you really do feel like you have done something dirty and watched a video that nobody ever intended for you to watch. It feels fucking great. This is pretty much the only amateur adult entertainment online that you can watch completely guilt-free.


    These videos come with all the quirks of amateur porn too. Sure, the set-up is going to be a little bit more professional or nobody would be able to get away with charging a bit of cash for it, but the lighting does feel a little ‘off’ on occasion which makes you think that somebody is recording these videos in the comfort of their own home and it makes you feel like you are watching actual amateur porn. All these videos feature adult stars that you have seen before, or maybe will likely see in the future because they are probably going to get really big. It doesn’t feel like they are real stars, though. This is all down to the brilliant acting. When you do recognize them, it almost feels as if you are watching a video that has been stolen from their private collection and then uploaded online.


    All the videos are in full HD on this site, which is really rare for sites which are about amateur porn, mostly because those who are filming in the comfort of their own home tend not to have the best quality cam equipment available. Probably one of the bigger benefits of using sites like I Know That Girl, to be honest. It’s worth noting that I Know That Girl is part of the Mofos Network, one of the largest adult entertainment networks in the world. For those who know their shit; this is a network which is able to produce top-notch porn on a regular basis. The best part is that if you get signed up to I Know That Girl, you will get access to every site in the Mofos Network. Yep. That is right. Access to over 14 different sites for just one monthly fee. Where else can you get a deal like that? Access to all those sites is worth the membership price alone.

  • Content Amount

    There are over 400 videos on the I Know That Girl website. Each video lasts about 30 minutes in length, which means you have 200 hours of content here. In addition to this, there are 400 galleries each holding about 150 photographs each, all shot in the ‘amateur style’, although there will likely be a few dozen porn stars that you may recognize (see, the site is living up to the name!) Content uploads are a little bit sporadic, but they seem to be going up, on average, 1 per week. There may be a lull some weeks where nothing is added, but the team at I Know That Girl will catch up and put something on their site the following week, sometimes even double. Remember; this is all on top of the tons and tons of content that the rest of the Mofos Network has, all of which you are going to have access to when you sign up to I Know That Girl.

  • Video Quality

    The videos on I Know That Girl are available in a variety of different video qualities. This means everything is available to stream in full HD, but if you do not have access to a decent internet connection, you can stream at a slower bitrate if you want. Downloads do cost extra on the I Know That Girl website. If you do decide to pay extra (it is only a small amount), then everything is available to download in full HD but, once again, you can download in a variety of different video qualities if you want.

  • Exclusivity

    All the videos on I Know That Girl are 100% exclusive to the Mofos Network. They may be found on other sites in the network, but since your membership price will cover your access to all of them, this is probably not going to be that much of an issue for you.

  • What You'll Get

    You will get instant access to the I Know That Girl website, as well as access to every single website in the Mofos Network. The best part is that the discounted price is permanent…as long as you keep your subscription running.

  • Fine Print

    If you cancel your subscription or the billing fails for whatever reason, then you will lose your right to the $17.99 membership price. It will revert to the full price. Still worth it, but nobody really fancies paying extra money each month, right? As long as you ensure that you keep your membership up, you should be fine.

  • Downsides

    Biggest downside to IKnowThatGirl is that if you want to download anything from the website, you are going to need to shell out some extra cash. There is a separate membership plan for all that.

  • Conclusion

    For the hottest in amateur porn, you aren’t going to find anything better than this IKnowThatGirl Discount. This site is brilliant. Sure, not all of it is going to be actual amateur porn, but who really gives a shit about that? It is good to watch, and you can believe that it is amateur porn and that is all that counts. It is worth signing up to the amateur collection alone. Throw in the fact you have thousands and thousands of other videos in the Mofos Network, you are onto a winner with the low membership fee.


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