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iFriends Free Credits

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NOTE: Ifriends has officially closed down... This review will be removed shortly. If age is anything to go by, iFriends is surely one of the best webcam platforms available on the Internet today. This place started many years ago and still provides a pleasurable live sex community where nubile amateurs and professional MILFs alike join forces together all in the name of erotic webcam bliss. When you visit iFriends today, you'll find plenty of HD streams, a mobile-compatible platform, hundreds of live girls and a decent site design to get you around all of the sexy streams you could ever want. Mr. Porn Geek seldom gets discount deals quite like this – take advantage today and join this top camgirl portal.

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iFriends Free Credits

Free Credits Worth $25.00

iFriends Free Credits - Full Detailed Review by Mr. Porn Geek

  • About iFriends Free Credits

    iFriends is a cam site with a bit of a twist. While other cam sites seem to have gone more towards the public cam side of things, iFriends is a site which is still sticking with private cams (with a couple of public ones mixed in for good measure).There are thousands and thousands of performers on iFriends. While many of the cams that you find on here are private cams, you can see around 20 seconds of the performance before you decide to buy in. You are then going to be charged by the minute, so you best have a large amount of cash available

    Due to the way in which iFriends works, it is able to attract the hottest and best cam performers in the business. This is because they know that they will make a fuck load more playing with themselves on iFriends than they would on any other cam site out there. In fact, boot up the iFriends website and you will likely see a familiar face or two on the front page. All these are professional cam performers, so they know how to give you what you want in the quickest amount of time (saves you money, right?)

    If you are on iFriends, then you can enjoy tons and tons of different features. Most of the performers will allow you to type away to them when you are watching, and because you are paying to be there, they are probably going to reply and give you whatever you want. This ain’t something that you tend to get with your ‘run of the mill’ free cam porn site, so it is fucking amazing that they will do this for you. If you are willing to stump up a bit of cash for the elite membership, then you can even do a bit of cam 2 cam with some of the finer looking people on there, which makes the whole thing so much hotter. The amount of people live on iFriends will mean that you are always able to find somebody that matches your kink. They are all easily searchable too.

  • Content Amount

    There will always be a few hundred different performers broadcasting on iFriends at once. By all accounts, there are around 100,000 people registered to be performers here, but you ain’t gonna get them broadcasting all at once. That would be an amazing day if they could, to say the least. You are generally going to have a couple of hundred cams to choose from no matter when you sign in. Some of these are going to be free cams while others are going to be private. Each will come in at various price points, with couple cams tending to be the most expensive to watch (two people need to be paid, right?)

    A lot of the performers on here do actually have tons of videos and photo galleries that you can browse through. Some of them are free, others are paid. Bit difficult to say how much content is available, though. It is one of those things your can’t count easily. If a guess had to be made, then it is probably thousands and thousands of videos. Most are just recordings of the person performing on the camera.

  • Video Quality

    This is all going to be dependent on who you are watching and the strength of your internet connection. iFriends is able to deal with full HD video streams. It is a brilliant site like that, but not everybody has the equipment to deal with it. iFriends is a bit more selective than most other cam sites when it comes to the performers on there. Most, if not all, of them have been vetted.

    This means that nearly everybody that you see will have a full HD camera where they can perform for you. This will be coupled with quality audio equipment too. Although, some sexy people with shittier equipment are still going to slip through the cracks.If you are watching the paid cameras, then you will have 20 seconds of ‘free viewing’ before you decide whether they are worth watching or not. This is great as it means you can ‘test’ their cam equipment beforehand. You won’t be paying for shit.

  • Exclusivity

    All the streams that you see on iFriends are 100% exclusive to iFriends. You won’t see them anywhere else. Why would you? Even if you see the same person multiple times in a row, they are going to be doing a different show each and every time. You won’t ever see the same performance again. This is why a lot of people tend to love cam shows. You never know what you are going to get. Watching naked people play with themselves on camera is a shit ton more exciting than watching free porn videos, after all.

  • What You'll Get

    You will have $25.00 in credit to watch some of the sexiest performers on the website. This should be more than enough to buy you a good few minutes of watching these stunning performers in private shows. If you choose the right room, then you may even be able to type to them for your money (you will not be able to cam to cam, though!)

  • Fine Print

    You will need to supply your card details to get hold of your credits. You will be automatically charged if you are watching a stream and you have run out of your tokens, so make sure that you keep an eye on how long you have been watching plus the cost of the performer in question. Some will be just $1.99 a minute, while others can be up to $9.99 a minute. The average should be around the $3.99 per minute mark.There is Cam2Cam chat available on iFriends, but it is going to cost you a small amount extra each month for ‘elite’ access if you want to take advantage of it.

  • Downsides

    iFriends does not have as many free cams as some of the other live cam sites out there like these ones listed here. It is mostly a private webcam site, but you can have a ton of fun in private. You should be able to get a good few minutes for your $25, even with some of the sexiest people on iFriends, so go fucking crazy with it. You deserve it!

  • Conclusion

    While it is mostly private cams that are on iFriends, each and every person that performs on this site has proven their worth. You are going to be paying for some of the sexiest people online to perform. Take advantage of your $25.00 worth of free credits and start playing to your heart’s content.


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