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Fuckswipe is one of the most intriguing sites I have come across as far as casual sex/porn sites go. Right from the first landing page, the focus is on discretion, respect, and responsibility. The site has many features that are nice and presents itself as a valid option for people who are looking for casual fun. Most mobile devices are supported, and the site has many fantastic opportunities for roleplay fun too, everything from kink to fantasy situations and more. People looking for discreet fun have options available at Fuckswipe that should be taken advantage of.

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Fuck Swipe Discount

- Full Detailed Review by Mr. Porn Geek
  • About Fuck Swipe

    As soon as you hit the landing page, you must agree to the Fuckswipe.com rules of hooking up. The first one states ” If I see someone I know, I will keep it discrete.” The second one states ” I will show respect to my fellow members.” The third one states ” It is my responsibility to practice safe sex.”


    The fact that these three things must be agreed before entering the site gives the site a fantastic first impression. These are all extremely important, and many people would go as far as saying that they are pillars that must be upheld for a casual sex or casual dating site to be successful.


    The site is easy to use, with a simple form also needing to be filled out before entering. Stating your gender and which gender you are seeking is the first section of the form, followed by your birthdate, username, password, and email address. In this section, the website states that the site is for entertainment value and the profiles that exist are Love Star fantasy profiles. This touches on what the target demographic for Fuckswipe is. The references on the site that talk about “members” include both people who have signed up for the site and these fantasy profiles. Essentially, this is a great way to get flirty interactions and naughty content to have fun with.

  • Content Amount

    The fantasy profiles that are on Fuckswipe are not real. Because of this, you will not be able to meet any of them in person, but you will be able to get a wonderful amount of content that is organized and backed up with entertaining interactions from the beautiful people at Love Stars. These hot babes are flirty and ready for action, and all of these fantasy girls are into a wide variety of types of sex. If you are looking for people who are into anal sex, vaginal penetration, group sex, blowjobs, or any variety of fetishes, the site is a great place to get naughty pics and good interaction.

  • Video Quality

    There are not any videos on the site, but there are pictures. The pictures can vary in quality, but most of them are quite high in quality. With a vast array of organized profiles, it is easy to find great personalities who are wanting and willing to share their pictures with you for your enjoyment.

  • Exclusivity

    It is hard to say how exclusive the “members” on Fuckswipe are, but it is probably safe to assume that many of the women have pictures that can be seen elsewhere. That said, the way that the profiles are organized at fuckswipe.com make finding them easy to do, which is nice. Add the personal interaction that comes from the profiles, and you have a complete package.

  • What You'll Get

    When you join Fuckswipe.com, you will get a ton of entertainment value, and a lot of pics and conversation from the hot girl “members” that they have on their site. You know that your privacy will be respected, and you also know that all interactions and enjoyment will be discrete. When you sign up for a username, you will be able to browse other profiles and have naughty and nasty conversations 24 hours a day.

  • Fine Print

    The fine print from Fuckswipe comes from the fact that it looks like a casual sex dating site at first glance. In reality, it is a wonderful place to get porn content and interact with numerous profiles that are set up specifically for entertainment value. You will be able to get nudes, selfies, and have hot conversations with the variety of super gorgeous “members” that are on the site. Know going in that the site is designed to get you going and get you off, not to help you meet real people and go on dates, is important.

  • Downsides

    The only downsides of the site are for people who do not read up on what the site is about. That is not a site that you will be able to meet real people from, and it is not a dating site. It is a site that is designed to get you pics and entertaining conversation from profiles. If you are looking to meet people for casual sex, this is not the site for you.

  • Conclusion

    Honestly, the idea behind the site is pretty fantastic. They are pretty straightforward about what they are providing, and people can get a lot of entertainment value out of the site. They have plenty of profiles, which include people that are brunette, redheaded, blonde, and have a range of body types. If you’re looking for a big tittied woman or prefer tiny boobies in your fantasies, the site has both and more. Take the entertainment that you are getting, and have fun with it. This is a unique type of role-playing that many people will enjoy.


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