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If there is one thing you can say about Digital Playground, it is that they come up with some of the best porn name videos out there. Their site is very pleasing on the eye too. Of course, Mr. Porn Geek knows that you are not just after some fancy titles on the website. Oh no. You also want to have some fun watching some tremendous porn too. Digital Playground does not have a lot of videos, but what it does have is amazing. Beautiful, varied models. Fantastic niches. Amazing storylines (for porn). What is not to love there? You can access it all with a Premium Porn subscription too.

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DigitalPlayground Discount

- Full Detailed Review by Mr. Porn Geek
  • About DigitalPlayground

    Back in 2007, Reuters described Digital Playground as one of the most dominating porn studios in the world. Yep. A major news publication talked about Digital Playground. You know it is going to be good. Digital Playground has been kicking around as a business since 1993, albeit in the world of adult video games. When they realized there was a whole lot more cash to be made producing porn videos than games about pixels fucking, they quickly transitioned. Since that point, Digital Playground has been seen as the ‘gold standard’ in the world of porn. They are the porn studio that needs to be beaten.


    Digital Playground has always been at the forefront of advancements in the porn industry. They were one of the first companies to transition to the online space, they were one of the first companies to film their videos in full HD (since 2005), and they were one of the first companies to say “fuck HD-DVD” and go down the route of Blu-Ray. If you can think of major changes in the porn industry, then you can bet your last dollar that Digital Playground has been one of the big companies behind those changes. It should come as no surprise that everybody worth their salt in the porn business wants to work for them.


    Digital Playground specializes in a lot of different types of porn. This is one of a few sites where you can genuinely say that there is something for everybody. You got incest. You got anal. You got solo performances, and you even have a few parody videos thrown in for good measure too. If you love your porn, then this is the place that you really need to be. They don’t really have the kinkiest of kinks, but they have enough quality shit that it does not matter too much.


    Unlike other premium porn sites, Digital Playground does not specialize in shitty short clips which are over before you have even pulled your trousers down and whipped your cock out. Oh no. Digital Playground is about creating experiences. On their website, you will have access to some really long videos. At the time of writing, there is just over 1,000 hours of content available, across 500 different videos. This means (and Mr. Porn Geek knows it can be difficult to do math when you are horny), that there is an average video length of 2 hours.


    This is all because Digital Playground is a DVD studio. Their videos have an actual story, interspersed with some decent fucking too. By all accounts, this is the type of shit that porn stars and watchers love because Digital Playground has never had any issues in pulling in some of the biggest names in the porn biz. Think along the lines of Jesse Jane, Riley Steele, and Bibi Jones.


    All videos at Digital Playground are downloadable to your computer, so you can enjoy them whenever you want. Basically, a subscription at Digital Playground is just like popping into your local sex shop, although you don’t have the embarrassment of asking whether they have any videos of ‘naughty nurses’ available, or something like that. You can thumb your way through pages and pages of content without the feel of having judgmental eyes pointed right at you.

  • Content Amount

    There are 500+ HD porn videos available on Digital Playground. They have been designed in DVD format (so think along the lines of huge videos), but they are broken down into little chunks if you want to get your end away without sitting through tons and tons of story. There is roughly a new video added each month, sometimes there may be a few more. There is currently about 1,000 hours of content available. Some of it is the ‘old school’ stuff dating back to when Digital Playground was formed in 1993, but a lot of it is quite recent too. If the porn videos are not enough, and we doubt that they are not enough, then you have 3,000 different image galleries too. All these videos are exclusive to Digital Playground. Every video can be downloaded onto your computer, which means that you can enjoy a good bit of porn even when you are not online for whatever reason. You can also stream online in full HD with a bitrate of 6 MB/s.

  • Video Quality

    Where possible, all the videos on Digital Playground are available in full HD (i.e. 1080p). There are some older videos which may be in standard definition, but these are few and far between. For the most part, every video that you download onto your computer can be enjoyed the way porn is meant to be enjoyed; seeing each and every cock and pussy in its full glory.

  • Exclusivity

    All the content you find on Digital Playground is 100% exclusive. It is produced ‘in house’, so unless somebody has stolen content from them, the only place you will ever see these fantastic videos is right here on Digital Playground. The content that you find on Digital Playground is exactly the same content that you would get if you picked up their DVDs and Blu-Ray discs, but you are getting it for a far, far lower price.

  • What You'll Get

    Mr. Porn Geek has a stellar porn deal for you. “Click this link right here” and you can score yourself a 30-day membership to Digital Playground for just $17.99. Yep. That’s right! For less than the price of a few pints, you can have access to one of the most extensive porn studios in the world. Your cock is going to love you for it. Your wallet too. You’re going to be saving a fair few dollars off the normal price with your saved cash, you can pick yourself up a decent microwave meal as you watch this tremendous porn.

  • Fine Print

    The Digital Playground  discount is an amazing site for the price, and there is no doubt you are going to be keeping your membership going once it is rolling. When it renews, it is going to renew at the price of $17.99

  • Downsides

    Not many issues with Digital Playground. They are a little slow to update at times, and their updates are sporadic, so you can never predict when something new is coming in, but since all their movies are ‘handmade’ from scratch, this is forgivable. Mr. Porn Geek has heard of some people complaining that Digital Playground is not part of a larger network of porn sites, so you get a subscription to Digital Playground only, not dozens of other sites on top of that. Not much of an issue, to be honest. There are thousands of videos here, so you won’t need any other porn site.

  • Conclusion

    While Digital Playground does not have the thousands upon thousands of hours of content that other porn networks has, it does offer quality. Digital Playground is one of the best porn studios in the business for a reason. It knows how to make top-notch videos. If you click the link and get a 30-day subscription for Digital Playground, your boy here is sure you won’t be disappointed.


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