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DaGFs is the place to look for the best teen videos. This Premium deal is the best way to go because you get access to more than 10 porn sites Including Hot Latinas, Emo Girls, Asian Teens and a whole lot of niche sites. We've seen that kind of a deal a lot of times before, but what we haven't seen, and what DaGFs offers is a multiple-format type of delivery which is suitable for computer, TV and a Phone alike. This means, where you find yourself and feel like cranking a load, you just whip out your dick and go for it. The other thing you will love about this offer is that you know exactly what you are buying.

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DaGFs Discount

- Full Detailed Review by Mr. Porn Geek
  • About DaGFs

    Dagfs is an amateur porn network. One of the largest online, in fact. There are ten sites in the network, each offering something completely different. Dagfs is all about teen fucking. Every single video found on this website is going to have a teen or two going at it. Granted, some of them may be fucking somebody much older than them, but there is still going to be a young one in the video somewhere.

    Dagfs is actually a unique amateur site. Most of the amateur porn found on membership sites is not actually amateur porn. The studio has just worked incredibly hard to make it seem like it is amateur stuff, but they feature professional porn stars and professional set-ups, so it never really feels like it. With dagfs, the site is genuine amateur stuff. In fact, they even ask people to submit their own videos…so you know it is going to be the real deal.


    While most of the videos are ‘revenge’ videos, there are a few other amateur pornos thrown in for good measure too. There are some lesbian videos (first-time lesbians are the best), you got yourself some private swinger party videos and, if you want something really special, some of the biggest porn stars in the world have had their ‘private’ videos leak onto the website. You really will get to see how these porn stars lived before they got big in the world of porn. Basically; there is something for everybody on dagfs. There are ten sites in the network, including:

    • Real Black Exposed
    • Real Latina Exposed
    • Real Mom Exposed


    All of the videos can be accessed and browsed from on the main dagfs website, so if you have a hankering for something a bit different that day, you will easily be able to find something to watch. Yes, all of the sites are accessible through a single membership. You are not going to be having tons of cash coming out of your account each month just to get your amateur fix.

  • Content Amount

    There are about 4,000 videos on the dagfs network, coupled with a shade over 2,000 photo galleries. The number is expanding often too, although the updates are not ‘scheduled’, and the sites tend to put up new content whenever they get their hands on it. They don’t seem to have a plan in mind. The photo galleries tend not to be updated anymore, but they are still churning out new videos roughly eight or so per month. The videos are going to vary in length. Some are going to be short amateur clips, while others are going to have a length which will rival a full-scale production. All the content on the site can either be streamed on your computer or downloaded (yep, you can download it even with the cheap membership plan found on this page!)

  • Video Quality

    This is a proper amateur site, so you can’t expect there to be full-scale production equipment behind every video. A lot of it is candid in nature. This means that while the actual fucking may be of an incredibly high quality, there is no way to guarantee that every video you watch will have top-notch sound or audio. Most people when they film themselves lobbing one up the misses are probably not focusing too much on the quality of their shots and what have you. That being said, there are still some videos floating about on the dagfs website which genuinely look like they have been shot in full HD. This is not like one of those free porn sites where anybody can toss up their own video on a whim. The team at dagfs will still check out every video before it is put on their site to ensure it is quality, so you ain’t gonna stumble across some blurry video where you can’t tell whether you are looking at a sausage or a dick.

  • Exclusivity

    It is tough to guarantee that every single video on the dagfs network is 100% exclusive, this is because the bulk of it is user submitted and there is no indication about what goes into the contract when people submit stuff to their website. However, a lot of the amateur porn that you find on the site is not going to be found anywhere else. Well, at least your boy has not seen it anywhere else, so it is as exclusive as it can get. If you could find it somewhere else, you would be running about hundreds of different sites to build up a collection this good, so it is certainly nice that it is all under one single banner.

  • What You'll Get

    Access to all the sites in the dagfs network for 2 whole days. Your trial begins the second that you pay your $1.

  • Fine Print

    You will need to submit your credit card details when you take advantage of the $1 discount. If you do not cancel your membership, then it will renew at the full $29.95 per month, although at any time during your membership (assuming you don’t cancel), you will be able to choose which membership plan you want with the site.

  • Downsides

    the Biggest downside to dagfs is that your membership will be charged full price when your $1 trial expires. It is worth the cost, though. Because this is a site which focuses on amateur content rather than those full-on porn productions, then the clips are going to be on the shorter side of things, as well as not boasting the highest quality in the world, but if you are into your amateur porn, then this is something that you probably expect anyway so you most likely don’t give a shit.

  • Conclusion

    If you love your true amateur content, not that faux professional stuff that most sites are pumping out nowadays, then a trip to dagfs should be in order. While it is not the cheapest porn membership plan in the world, it is the only one where you are going to be enjoying some epic adult videos. So, if you like that sort of thing, this is the only site you need to be on. Hit the link below to take advantage of that exclusive 2 days for $1 membership plan. It is worth it.


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