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Broken Teens is a reputable name in the porn industry and they built their reputation with amazing content and great attention to details regarding members. With more than 5,000 HD videos in their perverted library, you could say that a premium access provides a lifetime supply of masturbatory fantasies. And you would be right. For less than $10 a month, yo get access to all that incredible porn, but you can also use Borken Teens coupon provided for Mr. Porn Geek specially and have $2/48 hours trial.

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Broken Teens Discount

- Full Detailed Review by Mr. Porn Geek
  • About Broken Teens

    Broken Teens has been on a tear in recent years. This site simply dominated in the teen niche over the last decade, and most of the success is due to their incredible video library and premium account perks. But first things first; what is Broken Teens and why should you care? This is a teen porn gold mine, where only the cutest and sluttiest teens that recently turned 18 get to play with the biggest cocks in the industry. It’s a well-designed website that keeps positively surprising its members with fresh and kinky videos. They have been in the industry for a long time and have built quite the reputation. They often feature hot amateur babes from Europe and that makes it even more appealing and exciting. And the amount of content is astonishing; more than 5,000 HD videos is currently indexed on this amazing site. And the beauty of it is; while world-famous pornstars are appearing in the videos, most of the girls are not that famous and you get to enjoy their work exclusively on Broken Teens.


    The website is neatly organized, with quick access buttons that lead you to the most popular categories and a tight video grid that displays relevant information regarding the videos. The simplistic design is eye-pleasing, although I did find that some ads can get rather annoying, with flashing lights and bold lettering. But I guess I should have also cleaned my cookies before visiting the site. And it’s not a thing that happens all that often, but it’s worth mentioning. You really shouldn’t worry about the shortcomings of the platform if you find any because, with the number of jaw-dropping teen videos at your disposal, you won’t have time to complain about any potential flaws you might encounter. The whole idea behind teen porn is that there is no time wasted. As soon as these babe turn 18, they jump into a pond called porn. Similar to that, as soon as the video starts playing, you immediately forget about everything else and feel the blood rushing to your cock. I’ll tell you this as well; it would absolutely surprise me if you wouldn’t be able to find a video to jerk off to within seconds of loading the site.


    And a minute should be spent discussing the sub-categories and niches available on Broken Teens. As you probably already figured out, the main theme of the site is “teen babes getting demolished by huge cocks”. So, you won’t find mature babes and MILFs here, but you will still find plenty of variety. The quick navigation links at the top of the page guide you to the most popular sub-categories; pussy destruction, black on white, big dicks, extreme teen sex, and cumshot. But there are plenty of others like anal sex, lesbian scenes, threesomes, group scenes, solo masturbation, etc. That’s why, with all these sub-categories, Mr. Porn Geek is confident that you will have a great time and expand that spank bank with ease.


    Broken Teens is the giant of the industry, but they still care about their members. That’s why using a Broken Teens coupon, you can enjoy a 2-day premium access for just $1. This is a fantastic opportunity to sample the content, but I’ve gotta warn you though; the majority of people who sampled Broken Teens never turned back. Well, it’s not a warning cause you are probably looking into premium account already. For as low as $9.95 a month, you won’t regret buying a premium account because Broken Teens does offer fantastic content in huge volumes. Just be careful not to bruise your cock from all the jerking off.

  • Content Amount

    When it comes to the content amount, you’ve got nothing to worry about on Broken Teens. With the fresh content pouring in daily to an already massive library containing more than 5,000 videos, you could easily say that it would take you a lifetime to go through it all. In terms of expanding your masturbatory perversion pool of fantasies, there’s hardly a better deal anywhere else on the Web. And seeing as all videos are well-produced and feature incredibly talented young sluts, you’ll be able to crank a couple of loads at the same video with ease. And when I say able, what I really mean is compelled.

  • Video Quality

    The thing to bear in mind here is that Broken Teens has been in the business for a long time. So, when you come across some really old videos, they are bound to be of lower quality. But the overwhelming majority of content is in HD format and it looks amazing. The only nitpicking we can do here is frown on the use of flash-based player for streaming videos directly from the site. But downloaded content is incredible and you will have no issues whatsoever with video quality. So sit back, pull out your cock and enjoy the show.

  • Exclusivity

    Broken Teens exclusively uploads their own content. But these clips could be found as snippets and previews on other sites. This is a common thing with their material just because it’s what everyone is looking for. But there is no alternative to their original full-length videos and watching edited, shortened, and most often low-quality snippets is simply not the same experience. The good thing is that this exclusivity really does come cheap and premium access members get to see porn superstars in the making before everyone else does. And isn’t that a thing of beauty?

  • What You'll Get

    In terms of getting value from your investment, I dare you to find a better site than Broken Teens. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again; no matter how big the site is, you can really tell their quality by the amount of care the offer towards their members. And Broken Teens cares a lot. They provide great content in copious volumes for a price of a coffee a month. So, the real question shouldn’t what you’ll get, but how the fuck is this possible? Yeah, those ads probably help make premium access cost a bit less, but hey, good for us.

  • Fine Print

    Broken Teens is rated above 4.5 stars on every review board, and Mr. Porn Geek personally rated the site with five thumbs up. This is not by accident. The service is good, but more importantly, there are no open disputes with Broken Teens, anywhere. This is because they do not fuck around with fine print stuff. And honestly, they do not need to. Theirs is among the few EULAs I actually read and you can rest assured that you will not get unpleasantly surprised as long as you follow the one rule of porn; do not re-distribute. Barring that happening, you are safe.

  • Downsides

    This a niche site that features mostly teen and young models. This means that if you are into MILFs and mature babes, you won’t find much content that will interest you here. Other than that, Broken Teens has no downsides. You might consider going back to high school jerking off routine a downside, cause you won’t get shit done as you used to, but who cares? I say jerking off should be made into a full-time job and allow you to earn money! In all seriousness, You would really have to nitpick to find a downside to Broken Teens premium access.

  • Conclusion

    The facts that Broken Teens still garners an untarnished reputation and that their pricing is way below the competitors should allow you to draw a conclusion on your own. This is a great offer for an amazing site with excellent content. It has tons of filthy porn videos and features lots of teens from Europe, which is a really cool thing, and most of all, it delivers great masturbatory fantasies. I give this deal another five thumbs up and honestly recommend Broken Teens to all of you searching for a premium access site with great videos at a low price.


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