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If you have watched porn for any length of time, then Mr. Porn Geek has no doubt that you will have stumbled across Brazzers...the ultimate porn network. This is a company that knows how to make videos. In fact, the videos they produce are some of the highest quality online. It seems that there is not a niche that the team at Brazzers does not touch either. Whether you love black porn, incest, or some good amateur porn, you can find it at Sign up today to take advantage of a huge discount on the website!

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Brazzers Discount

Life Time Discount Only $17.99/m

Brazzers Discount - Full Detailed Review by Mr. Porn Geek

  • About Brazzers

    This Brazzers deal we going to be discussing today does not quite have the humble beginnings that many other porn websites have. There was no one person who had a dream to make a porn website which then gradually expanded. Oh no. Back in 2005, some investors who realized that you could make a shit ton of money in the porn world decided to get together and make a porn website of their own. Brazzers was born, and right off the bat, it was a fucking huge website.

    There are thirty-four different sites in the Brazzers Network, each of them offering something completely different. Word on the grapevine is that Brazzers will be adding more sites over the coming years too. Why wouldn’t they? Of course, a single subscription to Brazzers will get you access to all of these websites, which is always nice. No matter what legal niche you enjoy, you will always be able to find something at Brazzers, especially now you’ve got this amazing Brazzers discount coupon.

    It should probably come as no surprise that with the amount of money being poured into Brazzers by the Canadian investors, the site hit the big time quickly. It is now billed as the largest porn network in the world. Pretty tough to argue with that. Brazzers has also entered mainstream consciousness too, with regular advertising being carried out in Times Square, New York. Not many porn websites can say that they have done that.

    The site has regularly won awards for specific videos that it has produced, as well as several major industry awards for being the ‘best membership site’ around. This is something which is really tough to argue with. No other porn network offers quite the same amount of content that Brazzers does.

    As a final note; This Brazzers deal I’m presenting to you today is currently owned by Mind Geek. These are the same people that own several porn sites…including PornHub. This means that you know that these guys know their porn. Sadly, you won’t get access to all sites in the Mind Geek network when you subscribe to Brazzers. You will only get access to the Brazzers branded ones but, honestly, with the amount of content Brazzers boasts, you won’t need to subscribe anywhere else.

  • Content Amount

    There are 34 different sites in the Brazzers Network. Across them, you have access to 6,500 different scenes which average 30-minutes in length. This is on top of tons and tons of photos, which most people are probably not going to bother looking at anyway.

    Brazzers tends to update often too. They will add about two videos each day, plus countless images. Basically, unless you are spending at least an hour a day wanking (more, probably since you need to catch up), you are never going to watch everything that Brazzers has to offer.

  • Video Quality

    Brazzers has been around for a while now, at least for an internet porn company. Despite this, nearly every single one of the videos on the Brazzers website is available in full HD. No bullshit. You can stream at lower qualities if you want but always go for full HD if you can. This is the way that porn is meant to be enjoyed, right?

  • Exclusivity

    The porn that you find from this Brazzers discount is about as exclusive as you can get. This is a company which has a lot of money, which means that they can invest a lot in content production. A LOT! Of course, as much of a porn expert, Mr. Porn Geek doesn’t know everything..who does! There is a chance that you may find some pictures in the image galleries which can be found on other premium porn websites or even free ones, but let’s be honest; we live in the broadband age. Is anybody really looking at those pictures anyway? You are there for all those great videos, and they are, for a fact, 100% unique to the Brazzers network of websites.

    Obviously, some of the amazing videos may be spread across multiple websites. So, one video may be found in another place in the network, but since they all come under the same subscription fee, this is not an issue. There are some Brazzers videos which you may not actually find on Brazzers. Instead, they are used as promotion on other porn websites. For example; since Brazzers is owned by the same company as PornHub, you may find that some of their videos appear as a little bit of a sweetener for people who subscribe to PornHub Premium. This means that you won’t be able to see them on Brazzers ever. Not really that much of an issue. They never tend to be the best videos anyway. Those are saved for those who subscribe to Brazzers.

  • What You'll Get

    When you hook yourself up with that premium porn voucher (whack the link at the end), you will get instant access to all websites in the Brazzers Network for 30-days. Instant access to those thousands of clips. How fantastic is that?

  • Fine Print

    No crazy terms and conditions for when you sign up to Brazzers. As long as you continue to renew your subscription with them each month (why would you want to cancel it?), they will continue to give your subscription for $17.99 every 30-days. Even if the price goes up for their website, it will never go up for you.

  • Downsides

    The major problem with Brazzers is the amount of content available. Don’t get us wrong, the amount of content is actually a good thing. It is more the fact that the layout of Brazzers Network website is quite shit. This can make it difficult to browse on occasion to find what you want. Your content is also going to spread over 30 different websites, which will make everything a lot easier.

  • Conclusion

    Come on. This is a super cheap Brazzers deal, What more could you possibly want? This Canadian porn company is one of the biggest and greatest porn companies in the world. You are going to be able to enjoy everything that they have produced and ever will produce for just $17.99 a month. How can you really turn your nose up at that? Mr. Porn Geek genuinely does not know how to argue with somebody who does not want to enjoy that amount of porn on a website. No, that amount of fantastic porn for you to dip your dick into.


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