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  • Features pornstars
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One of the hottest up and coming webcam sites out there today is Bonga Cams and thanks to Mr. Porn Geek, you're going to get yourself a great deal when you sign up today. The main features here include access to hundreds of live girls ? from professional pornstars through to nubile amateurs ? all broken down into categories that will have you busting nuts in a matter of minutes. Choose from Asian camgirls, teen streamers, live babes who can squirt and many, many more. High quality webcams at a competitive price are just a few clicks away, so visit Bonga Cams now and have yourself a great time with these delicious camgirls.

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Bonga Cams Discount

- Full Detailed Review by Mr. Porn Geek
  • About Bonga Cams

    Bonga Cams is a live streaming website, and boy, when you are told this is one of the best sex chat sites online, it is the truth! Bonga Cams is one of the smaller of the ‘large’ cam websites. You won’t get the same number of people on here as you would find on Chaturbate or something like that, but this is cool.


    You have more than enough people to enjoy, including some top porn stars. Bonga Cams has been around for a good few years now, and they have often been at the forefront of changes to the cam streaming world. For example; Bonga Cams was one of the first sites in the world to fully embrace the idea of free video chat. This means that you can get your end away looking at some hot women without spending any money at all.


    Other people can do that. Of course, if you do have a bit of cash to spare, then make sure that you dig deep because the performances that these ladies are putting on each and every night for the gaze of thousands upon thousands of men means that they completely deserve it. Plus, if you end up giving them a little bit of money, they are going to pay attention to you. Give them money, and they are going to act as your dirty little slave, which isn’t too shabby at all.


    Bonga Cams aims to be a little bit different to other cam porn sites. Because the cam tokens on Bonga Cams are worth a little bit more than other cam sites, Bonga Cams seems to attract the better models. You will find a ton of top quality porn stars here. You have seen them in videos, why not toss some money in their direction and tell them what to do too? Amateurs, because they don’t make a lot of money here at Bonga Cams, tend to get rooted out pretty quickly, which means only the hottest models remain.


    There is something for everybody at Bonga Cams too. It may not be the most popular cam streaming site in the world. In fact, Bonga Cams does not even come close to being one of the most popular cam streaming sites in the world, but it absolutely will always have something that you will want to watch. Even as Mr. Porn Geek is writing this, the gaze has been averted by a couple of white chicks who seem to have a hard-on for ripping the clothes off each other for not a whole lot of money at all. Now, that is what you call porn! There are no membership fees to pay at Bonga Cams. Just pull some cash out of your pocket and buy the tokens (if you want), and you should be good to go.

  • Content Amount

    At the time of writing (about 10pm UK time), there is just over 1,000 models streaming. This number will climb throughout the night, particularly as it gets closer and closer to ‘American prime time’. The site will probably cap out at 3,000 simultaneous streamers. It is not a lot in comparison to some of the other cam sites out there, but in Mr. Porn Geek’s experience, the people you see streaming here are so much better. Plus, it would be impossible for you to watch 3,000 videos at once anyway. Nobody is that talented (and you would probably end up rubbing your dick raw if that happened!)

    There are models for everybody here. Just like most cam sites, Bonga Cams does have a lot of women. Well over half of the streamers will be women. It is they who make the most money here, but you may also see a ton of couples, lads, and some transgender people on occasion too. Going through all that content on Bonga Cams can be tough, but don’t worry, unlike most other cam sites, Bonga Cams allows you to narrow down your search. Looking for a Latina? 475 streaming right now. College girls to your taste? 390 of them. Fancy a bit of bondage? 277 to choose from. There are a couple of dozen categories, so you can find whatever suits your mood that day.

  • Video Quality

    Video quality is down to the woman who is streaming. While Bonga Cams has the ability to stream in full HD, and soon in full 4K, if the person streaming doesn’t have the camera or internet connection for it, then it is going to look shoddy. Mr. Porn Geek has seen streamers that look absolutely stunning in full HD, with top-notch audio equipment. The whole works. Mr. Porn Geek has also seen people who look like they have been filming themselves with a potato. Of course, with so many people to choose from, if the cam you are viewing does not have a video that is up to snuff, then you can just go and watch somebody else. You don’t really lose anything.

  • Exclusivity

    This is a cam website, so unless the woman is opting to perform on two different sites at once (it is rare that they do that), then Bonga Cams is the only place you are going to see them. Remember; this is a live streaming website too, which means that if you blink while you are watching something, you are never going to be able to see it again. That is how ultra-exclusive the videos are on this website!

  • What You'll Get

    Five cam tokens when you sign up. It is not really a lot, but you can probably see a good pair of tits or two for that price. Cam tokens at Bonga Cams are worth a lot more than some of the other porn sites you have no doubt been on, so five tokens is worth a lot more than you think.

  • Fine Print

    Not to much to say really! Any future update will be updated here. 

  • Downsides

    The biggest downside is that you don’t have the selection of women that other cam sites have. You may find only a couple of hundred live here, whereas other cam sites may have thousands live. However, because the cam tokens on Bonga Cams are worth a shit ton more than other sites, you will find that the cam girls here are a little bit dirtier if you throw some cash their way, so you may get a lot more than a few flashes for even a measly number of tokens.

  • Conclusion

    If you want to watch some of the hottest porn stars in the business perform when you toss cash at them, then you won’t get better than Bonga Cams. There aren’t many women that perform on this site, but those that do are some of the best around. Whack the link below and you will net yourself five tokens just to play with on the site.


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