Best Cougar Dating Sites

What the hell is a cougar?

A cougar is a mature woman that is interested in dating and having sex with, younger men. They’re typically between the ages of 30 to 50, divorced, sexually charged and looking for a good time. While not all cougars are the same, you’ll certainly get a feel for how these mature women on the prowl for young male playmates act. Note that as a counter to a cougar, the guys are called the cubs – it makes sense when you think about it! Some cougars are only interested in the sexual aspect of younger men, although some may also want to have a relationship too. It depends and honestly, there’s no real way to describe all cougars in one paragraph. Just know that they’re hot MILFs that love fresh meat – pretty much the easiest way to describe what a cougar is!

So how do I date a cougar?

It’s quite simple: you take a look at the reviews Mr. Porn Geek has written below and if you come across a site you like the look of, sign up and check out the local ladies in your area that are hot for some action. You might get lucky – you might not. Just know that your best possible shot at finding a cougar is going to be through these communities. I’ve spent a hell of a long time looking far and wide over the Internet to come up with the best destinations possible and to be honest with you, I’m pretty happy with how well I’ve narrowed down the options. If you’re looking to date a cougar, or just have a sexy, no strings attached fling with a mature lady, I guarantee that this is the place where your dreams are going to come true.

How do you rank these dating services?

There’s no real way for me to list all of the features I look at, but I have a checklist of about 40 things that I go over to make sure that all of the cougar dating services I recommend are legit. Mr. Porn Geek has no time for places that don’t deliver, and I think you’ll notice this from the number of sites that I rank on my index page, which is why I deem this site to be what I call the best porn site list. So anyway, back to what i was originally talking about. So how I rank these dating sites, I’ll basically take a look at the signup process, amount of spam, account numbers, activity on the website, how well it’s designed and yeah – plenty of other things. Remember that my job is to show you the best, so if you don’t like what you find from my list of the top cougar destinations online, you’re certainly not going to get a better option elsewhere. Thanks for dropping by my reviews for cougar dating websites – I hope your quest for the perfect older woman goes well!

Why would I want to date a cougar though?

Everyone has their reasons for doing all sorts of things and as far as I’m concerned, cougars are a perfect way to get your hands on XXX fun with no strings attached. What you’ll notice about a lot of older women is that they’re experienced when it comes to sex and they’re not afraid to let everyone know just how confident and great they are at fucking. Cougar dating sites are few and far between though – especially if you’re looking for quality. That’s where Mr. Porn Geek comes along and gives you the advice and information you need so that you can find the best cougar sites – no questions asked! I’m passionate about finding cougar dating sites even if you’re not: that means that you get all of the benefits with none of the work. I know I’m amazing, but don’t get too happy – not until I’ve managed to get you a sexy MILF who wants to fuck your brains out every night, at least.

What else is good about cougars?

Older women don’t mess around, so when you find the best cougar dating website you can bet your bottom dollar action will follow in no time at all. There’s also the whole competition thing – a lot of guys prefer their women to be younger, which means they don’t track mature women as much as they ought to. Luckily for us, their loss is our benefit: you’ll be swimming in an oasis of mature clunge that can’t wait to put a smile on your face. Forget wasting your time, jerking off to cougar porn sites – get yourself the real thing today thanks to Mr. Porn Geek and his list of the best cougar dating sites the Internet has to offer. People trust me when it comes to dating because let’s be honest, I’ve spent dozens of hours this month alone reviewing various hubs to give you the goods: it’s easy for me because I’m a natural at reviewing these types of destinations.

I’ve had my fair share of cougar dating site experiences and let me tell you: the attention you’ll get is something else entirely! Older women are champing at the bit to receive a little tender loving care from a younger guy, so if you know how to pleasure an older chick you’re going to have yourself an incredible time. I’d also like to state for the record that while Mr. Porn Geek is in a committed relationship, I still keep my woman on her toes by letting her know that I’ve got options when it comes to dating. Cougar websites are a great way to uncover your raw sex appeal: younger women might make it hard for you to know how attractive you are, but not ladies who are on the older side of life! The older they get, the more willing they are to be serious about what they’re after and how you can give it to them. I think I speak for many people when I say that cougars are my favourite thing (when I haven’t got a barely legal Asian to put my meat inside!).

Do you recommend I date a cougar or two?

Dating? Well, maybe – I think try out some no-strings-flings if you have the opportunity, simply because those are good ways to gauge how sexually interested you are in finely aged ladies. The thing is, cougars will bring a new realm of erotic sensation to your mind, since they’re more than capable of making your cock cum in a matter of seconds. I’m not joking here either: just wait for a MILF to find her way around your junk and if you’ve got any luck whatsoever, a unique and fantastic night of sex will result. Another important thing about the best cougar sites not mentioned elsewhere is that divorced housewives want to get back at their husbands by having all of the crazy sex they can find: you’d be amazed at just how far a few of these ladies are willing to go for a cock to cum inside of them! We’re talking hardcore anal, threesomes, sloppy blowjobs and everything in between. If you’ve got the confidence and the knowhow, any cougar will be like putty in your hands.

How do I know these cougar websites are any good?

Come on now – Mr. Porn Geek doesn’t promote rubbish and he never will! The places I’ve mentioned here are some of the best around and you’ll be thanking me in no time at all if you give them a try. The thing about my reviews is that I spent hours and hours going over various places and often, they won’t meet my expectations. I believe that quantity and quality are two important elements of any website, but I’m never sacrificing the latter for the former. That’s just how I run my website and I’m not going to compromise on my standards to give a loser company exposure when they don’t deserve it. I know that I actually don’t have too many cougar dating sites listed here, but I’m doing my best to try and change that by constantly looking far and wide for new hubs. Don’t worry – they’re coming – but the ones I’ve got recommended are still more than good enough to give you a genuine MILF dating experience!

Anything else I should know about these cougar dating websites?

I think it goes without saying that if you do end up getting laid thanks to my recommended cougar dating platforms, drop me an email so I can know how you got on! Part of the thrill of fucking a MILF is that you get to tell all of your friends just how much of an amazing night you had. I’ve had a few success stories come through to my inbox, but you can never have enough! Please: select one of my recommended best cougar dating websites today and go get a feisty mother who can’t wait to get down and dirty!

Cougar Life

Cougar Life

Young guys will often find that Cougar Life is the best platform for them. It has the largest active community of cougars and cubs that I've ever seen. It's also considered to be one of the more legit places out there with minimal fake profiles.
AFF Cougars Dating

AFF Cougars Dating

Love the idea of having a cougar who's going to play with you? Not to fear because this cougars dating site is here to help! The whole signup process takes about 60 seconds and once inside, you can check out all the local cougars on the prowl.
Cougar Crush

Cougar Crush

Cougar is an older wiser woman who knows what she wants and goes and gets it. Cougar Crush finds you that delicious sexy older woman that is looking for a younger male to fuck. It is a dating site that mixes cougars with cubs.