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Wow – Mr. Porn Geek has started to review the best camgirls now too?

When I first started off Mr. Porn Geek, I always knew that I wanted one part of my website to focus on live girls. It’s actually quite hard to track all of the different girls over the dozens of websites they’re available on, but since 2019 has been going well for me, I felt that it was finally time to unleash my knowledge when it comes to camgirls so that all of the readers here can find the best action on the Internet if they want free live sex. From the newest camdolls all the way through to the established MILFs who know the game inside out: I’m going to cover all bases and focus on the hottest women who stream themselves online. I must admit that while some of the categories here on Mr. Porn Geek aren’t exactly enjoyable for me to write for, I’ve been excited as all hell to finally have the shot to write about sexy live women for so long now that I’ve had blue balls just thinking about it. I’ve spent weeks just getting my formula down and to be honest with you, I doubt you’ll find a better list of the hottest web cam girls on the Internet than what I’ve recommended here.

How do you even compare cambabes to one another?

I admit that it’s not an easy task and there are some subjective elements involved here, but I do want you to know about the objective statistics I also take into account when recommended webcam models for you guys to jerk off to. My list is really long, so I’ll just mention a few things to give you a flavor of the facts that I’m willing to look at when comparing one webcam model against another. First up – how often they stream and how many hours they’re typically online: I want any live babe to actually do it for a living and not just a once-an-hour side venture that they’re not committed to. Daily streams with a schedule: that’s the gold standard as far as I’m concerned. I also prefer streamers that have good quality microphones and webcams that pick up the action in High Definition: those are really valuable to anyone watching. I’ll also look at things like social media presence and whether or not they share raunchy selfies and teasers on a regular basis – who doesn’t love a little sample of the goods when they’re on Twitter or Instagram?

How did you search for these camgirls?

Alongside visiting some of the best camgirl platforms the Internet has to offer to see what top talent was available, I also did some personal hunting on platforms like Twitter to find out who might be flying under the radar. I’ve been interested in live streams a lot lately from the gaming side of things and let me tell you, very few of the most viewed live streamers are actually that fun to watch in action. There are lots of reasons for this, but I think the best one that most people can understand instantly is that for a lot of guys, they want to feel a personal connection with the best webcam girls they find. It’s so much different to having a 9/10 babe with 10 viewers than a 10/10 babe who has 1,000 – the second isn’t going to be that interactive with you in particular, but the first one is absolutely going to make you the focus of the stream if you want to be. Subtle things like this are always important to remember and naturally, I’m going to be okay with listing a streamer on my list of best webcam girls even if they have a lot of viewers but know how to keep it personal too.

Do you have a preference for how camgirls look?

This is a tough one to account for, because different guys have different flavors of what they find attractive. It’s actually quite hard to quantify all of the different groups and so generally, I’m as vague as possible in terms of impact niches. I’ve done my best to find women of all different ages, ethnicities, languages and so on, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that almost all of the women here are white, between 18 and 25, slim built and yeah – I think you basically get the picture that I’m painting. Now, anyone who has read my reviews on websites that have Asian videos and ebony chicks will probably know that if I have the option to enjoy ethnic deliciousness, I’m going to do exactly that. So where possible I’ve recommended some chocolate goddesses and Oriental treats but don’t expect to see a collection of best webcam girls that are all 100% like that. It’s honestly quite tough these days being impartial: especially since I’ve got my personal tastes on what a perfect woman is! Still, I think you’ll agree after checking out my list that I’ve done a more than acceptable job. The cam shows you’ll have with these broads will be next level, so I hope you’re as excited to check out my recommendations as I was to write up these reviews in the first place.

Do I need to pay to watch the best webcam girls in action?

That really does depend on the broad and what type of a setup she’s got going on. What’s interesting these days is that almost all platforms have started to switch over to allowing free viewing with a tip-based system that gets people to contribute small amounts for a group experience. There are always donation incentives with these girls and I highly recommend chipping in, although for many it’s just not required. I will just add that this isn’t always the case and for some of the ladies listed here on Mr. Porn Geek’s best webcam models you’ll find that they need to be paid from the get go for private shows: that’s just something that you’ll have to accept with regard to how they run their business. I don’t really have a preference with either of these methods when it comes to recommending live sex, but you’ll probably find plenty of girls that are ‘pay only’ and others who’re streaming themselves getting down and dirty completely free of charge.

How long do you spend reviewing each girl?

Depends but honestly, I want to spend at least 15 to 30 minutes checking out any recommended babe before I put finger to keyboard. It’s important that I get a good view of what they’re doing and sometimes, I’ll even come back in a few days to see how much the stream changes and how their personality develops over a period of time. Webcam models are entertainers and sometimes, you might just catch a girl who’s having a really good day and killing it, whereas normally they can be boring and yeah – I do try to control for that. Just remember that like all of Mr. Porn Geek’s reviews, I will be going back to these girls from time to time just to make sure they’re still worth checking out. In the last month alone I’ve removed around 20 reviews from my archive and I have no doubt that many more will be cut: I’m serious about keeping this platform as focused on good quality girls as possible, so if they don’t fit the bill then they’re not welcome on Mr. Porn Geek! It’s also interesting to note that for these ladies, I’m going to make sure they continue to stream on a regular basis too. So many cam shows are only online for a few months and then the girls never surface again: it’s not much of a top-tier webcam stream if you don’t get to enjoy it, right?

Do you have any tips for how to best enjoy a live XXX streamer?

Come on man – this is something that you can probably figure out for yourself. Although since you’re asking, I will just state that it’s probably best you leave yourself at least an hour or so to get down and dirty with the performer: these girls can be teases and keep you hungry for a very long period of time. I’d also recommend having a decent quality computer screen and headset so you can hear what’s going on – don’t bother with speakers because you might wake up the neighbours with some camgirl screaming your name as she squirts all over the place! It’s also worth having $5 or so in credits just so you can pitch in and support your favorite performer whenever she’s done giving you the performance of a lifetime. Ultimately, how you interact with these girls is up to you: you can choose to type a lot of just stay quiet while enjoying the live XXX fun. Mr. Porn Geek does write things from time to time in chat with camgirls whenever he’s tuned in, but I also don’t mind sitting back and giving the girl space to work her magic. Anyway gang: Mr. Porn Geek’s done here – read my camgirl reviews now and find the best webcam babes to enjoy today!



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