Pornstars On Twitter

I don’t use Twitter all that much if I’m honest with you – in fact, the only time I really get to use it is when I’m on the train heading home from work. That said, I’m one of those people that has a sex-themed Twitter feed. I mean, after a long day at work, who in the fuck wants to read about loads of nonsense and serious stuff? I just spent 8 hours doing something I don’t want to do – so let’s get on to something good! Complied here is a list of reviews of various Twitter pornstars, adult models and camgirls that I think you should be following. These babes typically devote themselves to the adult industry, share lots of raunchy images (some are even real candid and sexy!) or just give you a look at the world of pornography. What’s so great about social networks like Twitter is the fact that you can see the true side of the person that’s involved. They might do some promotional work every so often, but it’s usually honest, reasonable depictions of their reality – which is obviously pretty damn good, because who doesn’t love pornstars, right? Anyway, I’ve reviewed over a dozen Twitter pornstars you should follow and yeah – go ahead and grab yourself some of the sweet high quality social media goodness. You know you want to follow these chicks that fuck for a living!

If you've been trying to find a good list of pornstars to follow on Twitter, Mr. Porn Geek has you covered. I use Twitter from time to time and with hundreds of chicks that I follow dominating my news feed, I've decided it's best for me to share my knowledge with you. After all, this type of information would take you a few hours to uncover yourself - with thousands of professional pornstars on Twitter, it's really tough to find out which ones are worth following and which ones are just spamming nonsense all the time. I think the main element of the pornstar follows here is on the nudity factor - I want you to be seeing girls that ideally don't mind stripping down naked, taking some amateur pictures and of course, sharing their behind the scenes sessions in the adult industry. I love the porn world and I think the more normalized it becomes, the better. So yeah - come and join me as we check out the hottest social media sluts you can get your hands on.