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What makes you so great at finding the best erotic story websites?

Let me start off by saying I’m Mr. Porn Geek and I love to review the best quality porn sites on the internet, and I’ve always enjoyed writing. So speaking of erotica, I’ve produced content for a few erotic story sites. Trust me: I know all too well just how popular it is for guys out there to want to get their hands on some nice literature that covers X-rated topics. Because of this, I think I’m the perfect kind of guy to tell you what’s hot and what’s not in the world of erotic stories. I mean, if you head on over to Google right now and search “erotic stories”, you’re going to get a list of sites returned that are numbered in the millions: there are so many hubs that are trying to get you involved with their content that it’s tough to know who’s good and who, quite frankly sucks. Lucky for you, my skills at reading and writing make me the perfect person to tell you all about where you should be headed for a good erotic story. Who knows, maybe in the future I’ll be able to tell you that my site itself has the best erotic stories around, but for now, these sites are going to have to do. I’m only a single guy, so I’m pretty limited on what I can spend my time on writing, but what you’ll likely find crazy is the fact that most of these hubs feature stories from hundreds of different contributors around the world. Almost all of them allow you to browse this content completely free of charge, too. That’s right – you won’t have to cough up a penny to read the best erotic story sites on the web. So go right ahead and enjoy my reviews, folks – you know you want to read some great naughty text!

But why should I read erotic stories when there are videos and pictures out there?

Do you not read books because of the fact that there are movies made about the same story? Of course not! There are so many benefits to erotic stories that honestly, I can’t list all of them here. What I will say is that the fact the free erotic stories hosted by these sites don’t cost you anything is a major factor – how many times can you get books for free?! Additionally, you’ll find that the best sex story sites have easy to use navigation, search features, regular updates and a lot of other bells and whistles that make using them that much more convenient. Adult story websites also provide you with a way to stay discreet about your material of pleasure: saving mundane text documents to your computer isn’t as obvious as lengthy videos all stashed inside a folder called ‘STUFF FOR WORK’.

Will Mr. Porn Geek ever have his own free adult stories?

The eventual aim of this site is to have a little bit of everything. I want people to be able to come here and get anything they could possibly dream of – so yeah, it may be the case in the future that I go ahead and upload some sexy stories for you guys to check out. Is it going to be one of the best sex story sites around? Probably not, but that’s because I’m just a guy by myself without other contributors! Anyway, stay safe out there friends and remember: if it’s porn related, Mr. Porn Geek is going to give you the best experience possible. Be sure to bookmark us and come back again in future for the hottest XXX porn stories known to man.

A brand-new approach to porn site stories is the name of the game on Hyper Dreams. See, what happens here is that people interact and customize the experiences they have by making choices while reading. It's an interesting idea and it's done real good.

BDSM Library is where you go if you want a sexy story that's all about fetish entertainment. Categories here include humiliation, slavery, torture, bondage, fisting and more. They even have more extreme BDSM if that's what you're into.

Novel Trove started out as a place to share free erotic stories and ever since, it's managed to collect a small - but high quality - assortment of erotic literature for visitors to enjoy. Fantastic design, categories and text layout - what more could you want?

Although Solo Touch is mainly about masturbation stories, it does include other types of erotic text as well. Regardless of what type of sexy stories you're interested in reading, chances are this well-maintained hub is going to have something for your liking.

Find the best X-rated written content on - Man these guys go all out to the extream to supply their readership the best written erotic stories to make you jerk off!

Looking to find some of the worlds best written erotic sex stories? Look no further! McStories has your ass covered with in my opinion some of the erotica stories written online anywhere!

Interaction is what Chyoa is all about and with over 9,000 stories, you're never going to be short on something to enjoy. This is basically the 'choose your own adventure' of erotic literature websites - a great concept that makes reading sex stories fun!

ASSTR (Alt Sex Stories Text Repository) is an archive devoted to the craziest sex stories that have ever been written. The site is incredibly old and hasn't changed much since it first started. Still, it has plenty of erotic text for users to check out.

One of the first sites that ever entered this niche - Nifty - is still around and offering great erotic texts for visitors to enjoy. Over the 25 years it has been online, Nifty has archived over 230,000 stories from 15,000 unique authors. Quantity and quality - great!

Again, another top quality erotic story site that sets you back in a world of adult fiction. Looking to sit back and relax and read some of the best stories online? Visit this site, you won't be disappointed!

Another site similar to Indian Sex Stories - around 1,000 unique texts are up for grabs across a wide array of niches, including Bhabhi Aunty, Group Sex, Office Teachers and more. Offering both Hindi and English versions, this site is Desi erotic lit heaven!

Only want to trouble yourself with sex stories of an Indian nature? Then be sure to check out Indian Sex Stories! Since this hub started a few years ago, it has managed to collect many Desi-themed erotic texts that you're just going to love. Visit today and enjoy.

Lush Stories is a modern, community-driven location to find sex stories, pictures and blog posts about all things sex. There are currently over 43,000 exclusive texts and 2.7 million forum posts - for an all-inclusive erotic literature experience, go to Lush Stories.