Affair Dating Sites

Why do you assist people in cheating?

Look, Your boy Mr Porn Geek is going to be honest with you: my mother has been married three times, my father four. Cheating happens, and I think the main reason that it happens is because people are unhappy with their relationship. I’m not here to judge someone for their decision to find affairs online: it’s just the way the world works. Some couples need to stay together for a variety of reasons (financial commitments, religious families, etc.) but if they’re not banging and don’t really love each other, why shouldn’t they look for something that’s going to bring them happiness? Affairs are just a part of life, and I’m not going to feel bad for making it easier for someone to do something that they want to do. It’s their choice to have an affair.

Are affair dating platforms risky to use?

Come on now, you don’t need to be asking this question. If you’re looking to cheat on your husband or just want to get involved with a married broad who has an appetite for dick, you’re putting quite a bit on the line. Dating platforms do what they can to protect you, but the reality is: you need to take on a little responsibility so you can find an affair with your own confidence of security and privacy. My tips are to use a different name, use profile pictures that don’t feature your face, only engage with people that look genuine and grab yourself a new email account and phone number. It sounds like a lot just to date and have casual hookups with married people online, but yeah – be smart, my friends.

How do you rank these affair dating websites?

I’ve always had quite an ability to rank services, so I think that Mr. Porn Geek is perfect for this job. Note that I’m not actually looking for an affair myself, so the way I approached this service was a little different than most. Anyway, what I typically look at are numbers of users, distribution of users (global vs. just the United States), spam/fake profile interference, design and navigation, prices for premium services and messaging system. I’ll also consider things such as age, user quality and so on too, if I think it’s important.

Ashley Madison is one of the oldest cheating dating sites on the web. They have been known to put some spice in your relationship. If you are looking for a discreet affair, Ashley Madison is the site for you.

Affair Alert is a great place to find cheating housewives and horny babes that just can't live without sexual pleasure. They've got great rules regarding members but sadly, they limit their male intake throughout the year.

Dating Affair has a total of 15 million registered accounts at the time of this review being written - not a bad number to say the very least. Simple interface and completely free to try. Needs to clean up its spam issues though.

Billed as the #1 place to find a discreet online fantasy, Lonely Affair's platform is a good choice for those that want to cheat. It's entirely free to join and it takes very little time. I'd say 95% of users are based in the United States.